One Direction VS Little Mix

It's about two bands that don't get along (the most popular bands) Little Mix and One Direction.Will they get together or become apart?What will happen in the future? Find out more by reading One Direction VS Little Mix

WARNING:it may be sad at the end
~Ivy Destiny Martinez


9. "Young Parents"

Destiny's P.O.V

"Shit"i muttered.i went to the bathroom and took the test...positive.i walked outside still holding the test and showed the girls "you should tell him Des"i nodded.i knocked on their door Niall opened up.he saw my crying and hugged me tight "whats wrong Des?"he asked i showed him the test "Harry.."he nodded and let me in i saw louis and harry running around laughing and harry stopped what he was doing and looked at me "whats wrong?"i shoved the test in his arms and ran back to the room.


Harry's P.O.V

i looked at the thing she shoved in my arms,a pregnancy test and saw a positive eyes were wide i got her pregnant!"whats up Haz?"Louis said.i didn't answer,instead i ran to her room and knocked on the door.she opened it i hugged her tightly but not too tight.she ran to the bathroom and threw up i grabbed her hair back.were only 19!.i don't know about this.....


Destiny's P.O.V

i finished throwing up and washed my face then looked down at my stomache pulling the shirt up a little seeing a baby bump already then harry touched my stomache and smiled.i smiled too.we went outside where the girls were and we smiled."I'm pregnant!"i yelled.they cheered and we laughed then kissed


~8 months later~


My stomache is big!!fans asked if i was pregnant or fat.i was pretty upset by that.Harry and I got married last month and we kept the gender of the baby as a suprise.and me and harry got our own apartment but nothing stopped me from my career."Harry can you help me up?"i was plopped on the couch from watching some pregnant stuff.Harry said i'll learn from them.he helped me up and when i was going to the kitchen my water broke and i felt something down my Vagina "HARRY!IT'S TIME!"he rushed up to me carried me bridal style and rushed to the car


~Hospital room~


"alright i'ma need you to push Destiny"i pushed as hard as i can grabbing harry's hand "AHHHH"I screamed. "i can already see it one more push"i pushed hard and i heard a cry.i leaned my head back and wiped the sweat out of my forehead "It's A Boy!" me and harry smiled "Harry Tyler Styles

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