One Direction VS Little Mix

It's about two bands that don't get along (the most popular bands) Little Mix and One Direction.Will they get together or become apart?What will happen in the future? Find out more by reading One Direction VS Little Mix

WARNING:it may be sad at the end
~Ivy Destiny Martinez


15. "Why!?"

Destiny's P.O.V

Harry hasn't been home as usual,he keeps coming home drunk and saying 'he had to work all day'.i was waiting for him to get home,i startd to get bored so i just got a magazine i found in the mailbox.i read it,it broke my heart.'Is Harry styles cheating on his wife Ivy Destiny 'Styles'?'and there was a picture of Harry and Taylor Swift.harry walked in and kissed me.i pulled away before he could kiss me tears streaming down my face "what the fuck is this about you cheating on me?!?"I yelled.his smile disapeared."who told you this!?!"he said."oh nobody,i read it!"i yelled again


Harry jr's P.O.V

"cam,do you hear yelling?"i said to her walking to her room.she got back from the sleepover because 'it wasnt her style'."actually i do"she said.we walked downstairs to see mom and dad fighting. "go pack your stuff"mom said looking at us.we ran back to our rooms and packed our stuff.


Harry's P.O.V

"how could you harry!?!?!i trusted you!"destiny yelled. "it's not my fucking fault!"i yelled."oh really?then who's fault was it??"she asked.i couldn't answer that so i stayed quiet "goodbye harry"she said crying.



Destiny's P.O.V

i ran to the babie's room and packed their stuff.i put aubrey in her carrier and austin in his.i put them in the car and harry jr and cameron came an got in.i decided to leave the kids at the girl's and i'll stay at my friend,Austin Mahone."are you guys okay staying with your aunt's?"i asked the kids.i looked at the mirror seeing them nod."take good care of Aubrey and Austin okay?"i said."okay mom"they said.i already told the girls i'd be dropping the kids off.i dropped them off at the girls and i drove to austin's seeing him outside,nothing but his shorts which i have to admit,he was pretty hot."hey"i said hugging him.he hugged me back "sorry about that"he said."it's okay"i said forcing a smile.he helped me with my bags "stay as long as you'd like"he smiled."thanks,i won't be staying long,just got to find a house and stay there with the kids"i can see his frown.i packed my stuff in my temperary room.he smired picking up my under clothes."you leave that there"i said laughing.he laughed to and kissed me.his lips felt good i had to kiss back.i pulled away quickly "um,i need to get the divorce papers for me and harry"i said trying to avoid the kiss.i dont think i can trust harry anymore."uh yeah sure"he said.obviously avoiding the situation about the whole kiss thing.i elt guilty ending the kiss quickly....

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