One Direction VS Little Mix

It's about two bands that don't get along (the most popular bands) Little Mix and One Direction.Will they get together or become apart?What will happen in the future? Find out more by reading One Direction VS Little Mix

WARNING:it may be sad at the end
~Ivy Destiny Martinez


17. tour day and retire


me and harry are now divorced.i had to,i can't trust him any more,he needs to grow up and spen time with his wife and kids,but now he doesnt have that,now he can just start over with another bitch.i got a call from our manager saying we have to go back tour.i dopped off the kids at my parent's since austin is going on tour too and the girls obviously.we finised our concert and everybody asked about harry.i started crying."just dont say anything about harry,i'm back to Destiny Martine kay?"i said wiping my tears away.we started other songs and all that.



i'm beat the shit out of harry,nobody fucking messes with my sister.good thing des is away from that jerk,he doesnt deserve a girl like destiny,me and the girls are thinking about retiring so we could go back to school,we miss our old friends and all that.Destiny is now dating cody simpson,hes a sweet charming man,he breaks her heart,well,lets just say he'll never see the next sunrise.but i'd doubt he'll beak up with her.she breaks up with him,it'll be was pretty sad.harry is a fucking bastard,sorry for my language.



we finished the concert and we went backstage.after the backstage thing the girl walked to me,"des,i think we should retire"arianna said.i choked on my water which i was drinking. "What!?"i said. "we need to go back to school des,i miss our friends"christine said. "but,why!?!"i yelled. "calm down des,it'll only be for a little while,just pretend were not famous anymore!"simmy said.i nodded.we told our manager,she was upset but okay with it.


-i know this story is short with only like 10 chp. but i think we should move on to the sequel,the sequel wil be called 'Love VS Hate'-ivy

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