One Direction VS Little Mix

It's about two bands that don't get along (the most popular bands) Little Mix and One Direction.Will they get together or become apart?What will happen in the future? Find out more by reading One Direction VS Little Mix

WARNING:it may be sad at the end
~Ivy Destiny Martinez


14. "the sleepover"

Cameron's P.O.V

emily's house was huge!but not bigger than mine."Hey Cam!"she said "nice place,it's a bit smaller than mine"i said looking around.then i saw boys "what are they doing here?"i asked."it's a sleepover,everyone is invited"she mouth made an 'O'.i saw my crush here,Justin Garcia."H-Hey guys"i stuttered trying not to seem nervous."hey"they all said,there was no more space to sit except a seat next to Justin,we were in the living room going to watch a movie.i sat down next to justin.the lights turned off and the movie started i don't know what it's called i really wasn't paying attencion."first sleepover?"justin whispered in my ear.i nodded.god he was so hot."mine 2"he whispered.we tip toed to some random room which i guess is the guest room.then justin kissed me.i obviously kissed very very first kiss.we pulled away "i've had a crush on you since...the day i saw you"he said.i smiled "i did too"i told him.we kissed again."so i guess its official"i said.he nodded.i'm so happy...what if my parents find out? "lts just keep this between us"he said."yeah cuz if my parents find out i'm dead"i told him.we nodded and went back to the movie.


~sorry for another short one i was trying to upate asap but i had o ideas on the otp of my head~ivy

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