One Direction VS Little Mix

It's about two bands that don't get along (the most popular bands) Little Mix and One Direction.Will they get together or become apart?What will happen in the future? Find out more by reading One Direction VS Little Mix

WARNING:it may be sad at the end
~Ivy Destiny Martinez


11. "lost"

Destiny P.O.V

"WAKE UP!" i heard harry scream. when i opened my eyes a sunray of light hit me. " gosh harry!" i yelled back. just then i remembered we had a tour today. I sprung up from the bed and raced to the shower.

I sat down in our tour bus with harry jr in my arms. " and why are you bringing him?" alexis questioned me. " because harry had to leave and he wouldnt take him." i replied. " well i think he shouldve taken him." ariana stated.

i rolled my eyes as we pulled up to the arena. we all hopped out the bus and screaming fans awaited us.


there was alot of fans screaming our names. we stopped and signed a few posters and took some pictures. we went inside and followed someone under the stage.

"WHERES HARRY JR!!!!" christine yelped. " hes right h-." " HES NOT HERE!" destiny shouted.


" i lost him!" " 5.....4....3....2....1!" someone yelled. we sprang up from under the stage. i cant do this. i ran off the stage and went to where we came in. " ok where was the last time i had him?" i questioned myself. then it hit me.


we had just got off our bus and fans were there. i went up to some fans and took pictures with them. my arms all of a sudden felt lighter like nothing was in them but we got pushed inside before i could remember.


A FAN TOOK HIM!!! i didnt remember what she wore or looked like but i did remember someone leaving. i quickly dialed harry hoping the concert didnt start yet.

harry: what is it??

me: I LOST HIM!!!

harry: who???


the other end went silent.

me: HARRY!!!!! HARRY!!!

i looked at the phone and he ended the call. then the rest of the girls came out. " we posponed the concert for a while." alexis stated. " well i called harry and he hung up!" i told them. i car pulled up and harry,niall, and louis came out.


i ran up to destiny. " how did you loose him?" " i dont know a fan took him!" she yelled at me. " and then someone left but i dont know who!" she included. i went insidr and found my way to the stage. i tapped the mic and everyone looked at me. " has anyone seen a baby??" i asked. " I HAVE HE LOOKED ALOT LIKE YOU!" someone shouted. i sat on the edge of the stage jumping down.

i grabbed the girls hand and led her back to where the rest of them were.


harry came back out with a girl. "whos she?" i asked. " im katy and i LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" she eagerly said. " tell them what you know." harry demanded. " well i saw destiny with a baby in her arms but when she took a picture with a girl, the girl took the child and i saw her get in the car and drive away. i tried to tell her but other people were screaming and then you guys got pushed inside." she finished.

" i dont think we will ever get him back." simmy said.

will we???


i hope you guys liked it!!!
by the way this isnt ivy!!
its ariana a co-author!!!
and yes im in the story.
enough about me but i still
hope you guys liked it!!!!!


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