A crooked kind of perfect

Ever since Hannah Anderson's mom died when Hannah was three years old, nothing has been the same.
One day Hannah runs away from home and age gets hur
t bad. She never thought that on the way she would meet the boy of her dreams who would also save her life.


2. What was that?

Harry's P.O.V~I was sitting on the couch in my house with the boys watching family guy when I heard something scary. "Omigod was that a gunshot?!?" Liam jumped off of the couch. "Yah it did sound like that I hope no one is hurt!" I said and ran to look out the window, just in time to see a man shoot a girl on the waist. "OMIGOD CALL 911 SOMEBODY THERE'S BEEN A SHOOTING!" I yelled. Zayn quickly pulled out his phone and called 911. While zayn was talking to the 911 person the rest of the boys and me were watching the man try to find a way to pick the girl up without touching her waist. "We should go help her." Said Louis. "No the man has a gun he might shoot us." Said Niall. Zayn came over to us and said, " okay, the ambulance is on it's way." I felt so bad just standing there watching and not being able to help. Finally, just as the man finally found a way to pick up the girl, the ambulance and police arrived. When the man saw them he maid am attemp to run away with the girl but he couldn't run very well with the weight of a girl who looked about my age. My age hmmmm...... Well anyways the cops got out of there car and were ponying guns at the man while two doctors ran up to him and got the girl out of his hands and started bringing her tithe ambulance. The man had been shot so we know we could go outside now, but the police wouldn't let us. "But we were the people who called 911! We need to go to the hospital with that girl!" Said zayn. The policeman nodded and said, "Well I guess one of you can
go in the ambulance because she doesn't have any guardians except for Rodger Smith." ( I'm guessing that was the shooting man) " but the rest of you will have to go in your own car behind them." "I'll go in the ambulance." I said. "Ok you go but you boys go in your own car okay?" Said
the policeman. I quickly ran to the ambulance. "A nurse cleared her throught. "Ahem nobody is
allowed except the patient." "But I am her guardian!" " you look her age." "Long story short that officer over there gave me permission to be her guardian." I pointed to policeman and he smiled and waved. "Umm okay a doctor will be in there with you." She let me into the back of the ambulance and then drove off.
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