A crooked kind of perfect

Ever since Hannah Anderson's mom died when Hannah was three years old, nothing has been the same.
One day Hannah runs away from home and age gets hur
t bad. She never thought that on the way she would meet the boy of her dreams who would also save her life.


1. Running away

Hannah's P.O.V~Hannah on the bed now!" My stepdad Rodger yells at me. I lay down on my bed and start to roll up my sleeves when my dog Budda starts barking. "Budda shut up!" Yells rodger. Budda keeps barking. "Budda I told u to shut up!" Rodger says running downstairs. Now is my chance to get away. I slip on some sneakers and jump out my window. My room is not very far up, so I land on my feet. I'm starting to run when I hear my stepdad calling my name. "Hannah get back here! You gonna be in big trouble!" I don't stop because I know he has a gun. "Hannah I said stop!" He yelled. About three blocks later I turned a corner and climed a tree quickly in someone's yard. Rodger came around the corner and yelled again. "Hannah come out come out wherever you are!" Then he fired a gunshot in the air. The gunshot scared me so I fell out of the tree. "Ah ha! There you are!" The last things I remembered before I passed out were a gunshot and a stabbing pain in my waist.
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