A crooked kind of perfect

Ever since Hannah Anderson's mom died when Hannah was three years old, nothing has been the same.
One day Hannah runs away from home and age gets hur
t bad. She never thought that on the way she would meet the boy of her dreams who would also save her life.


3. Nice to meet you Hannah

Harrys P.O.V~"Hannah Anderson 19 years old birthday October 25th female." The nurse was reading Hannah's birth certificate out loud. Oh, so that's her name. Hannah. "When do you think she will wake up?" I asked the nurse. "Well, I'm not absolutely positive but she should be waking up today or tomorrow." I sighed. I hope it's today. She's already been asleep for a day. Besides, I REALLY wanted to ask her out. I walked over to where she was lying surrounded by tubes and other things. I say down in the chair and looked at her face up close. She was really pretty,even though her hair was a mess. I was still staring at her face when i noticed one of her eyelids flutter, and her eyes opened all the way. "Where am I?" She sounded dizzy then she saw me. "Harry? I must be dreaming." She said. "No you're not dreaming." I said. "Do you remember anything that happened?" She stared at me like I lost my mind. "This is a really weird dream. I'm going to sleep." She started to turn on the side with her hurt waist. "Wait don't lie on that side-!" "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" She shrieked. "That didn't feel like a dream. Why does it hurt anyway?" She asked. "Do you remember anything like running from your stepdad..." Hannah's hands tightened into balls and I knew she remembered. "I can't believe that-that man would shoot me! I thought family was supposed to love each other!" I nodded. "Yah it's pretty absurd." Hannah looked at me and then said, "um, by the way, where did you- harry styles from one direction, who I have been in love with for as long as I can remember- come into the picture?" I blushed and looked down at my feet. She liked me! " um well you know the tree you climed before rodger got you? Well that tree was in my yard and when me and the boys saw him shoot you we called 911." She smiled at me. "So-so you saved my life? Thank you." She said shyly. "No problem. Anything for you beautiful." I said and kissed her on the cheek. Hannah's eyes widened and she touched her cheek. "Did-did you just...?" "Yes I did beautiful." Now SHE blushed and looked down at the floor. Just then, the boys came rushing in. "Hey Haz." Said Niall. "We brought you a soda." They looked at Hannah. "Hey she's awake." Said Liam. "Are you feeling better lovely?" "Yah." She said. "So Haz, have you asked her out yet?" I didn't even have to see my face to know it was bright red. "Um no I have actually not not yet." I said. "Oh." Said Louis looking embarrassed. "Well you might as well ask her now." You can do this. I told myself. "Um okay Hannah will you be my girlfriend?" I said quickly. "Really?" She asked. "Yah" she smiled. "Then YES I would love to!" "YAYYYYYYY!!!!" The boys cheered. I felt myself and Hannah turn bright red. I looked at her and she noticed and smiled at me. I think this is going to work out great.
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