A crooked kind of perfect

Ever since Hannah Anderson's mom died when Hannah was three years old, nothing has been the same.
One day Hannah runs away from home and age gets hur
t bad. She never thought that on the way she would meet the boy of her dreams who would also save her life.


4. Live with me

Hannah's P.O.V~"Hannah what are you waiting for you can go home from the hospital now!" Harry said, pulling my hand. "I have nowhere to go. I'm not allowed to live in my house because my stepdad was keeping some dangerous stuff In there." I said sadly. "So what you can come live with me!" Said Harry. "Seriously?!?" I said. "Yah I recently got my own house you saw it so just come live with me." I hugged him. "Wow harry you are seriously the sweetest person ever thank you so much!" He hugged me back tighter. "Anyone for you baby." He said. I pulled back from the hug and kissed him on the lips. He smiled at me and then once again pulled my hand, but this time I followed. He pulled all the way to his car and then he let me in the passenger seat so he would drive. When we got to his house i finally got to see how nice his house really was. "Thanks you so much again Haz." He smiled and took my bags to the door. He unlocked the door for me. When I walked in in I saw how nice his house was in the inside even more than the outside. "So I'll show you our room! I-I mean if you want to sleep with me." He blushed. "i would love to! Do you think I should go unpack now?" He picked up my bags. "Come with me ill show you the room." I followed him upstairs until we got to a huge bedroom. And I'm talkin HUGE." Is this seriously where we will be sleeping?" I asked. "Yah you like it?" Harry asked. "Are you kidding me I freaking LOVE it!" I ran over and kissed him.
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