A crooked kind of perfect

Ever since Hannah Anderson's mom died when Hannah was three years old, nothing has been the same.
One day Hannah runs away from home and age gets hur
t bad. She never thought that on the way she would meet the boy of her dreams who would also save her life.


5. Kidnapped

Hannah's P.O.V~I woke up to the sound of a stupid alarm clock. I opened my eyes to see harry turning it off. He noticed me looking at him and smiled at me. " I'm sorry love I forgot to turn my alarm clock off." He said. I stretched and said, "oh it alright I don't mind." I started playing with his hair. "What should we do today?" He asked. I smiled at him sneakily and he said, "alright let's go shopping." "Yayy!" I kissed him. "You're the best boyfriend ever!" He smiled. "I know." Haha. "Cheeky cheeky boy. I'm going to get ready." I got up and did my usual routine. Take a shower, blow dry my hair, do my hair,put on makeup and get dressed. When I got back in the room harry was not there. He must be making breakfast. I went downstairs and he was not there either. That's weird. "Harry come out come out wherever you are." After I searched the house I started to get really worried. It was an hour since I had last seen him. If he was playing a game, he would have jumped out and kissed me by now. If he was on a run, he would be back by now. If he was out he would have left me a note. "Harry? Harry!" I was really scared. Should I call 911? Yes. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. "Hello? I think my boyfriend has been kidnapped." I said crying. "Where do you live?" "111 rainbow road Holmes Chapel." "Alright we will be right over to investigate." I put my phone down and cried harder. Would harry be ok wherever he was? Then the police, ambulance, and fire tricks arrived. "Are you Hannah?" Asked an officer. I couldn't take I was sobbing so hard so I just nodded. "And you say your boyfriend has been kidnapped?" I choked out an I think so. "Well did you search your whole house?" I nodded again. "Ok me and some other detectives and officers are going to search your house but first I have you a few questions. What is your boyfriends name?" "Harry styles." I sniffed. The officer wrote something on a pad."did harry leave his phone here?" I held out his iPhone with my hand shaking. " ok how old is harry?" "19." "What is his birthday?" "February 1st." The whole time the officer was writing on his pad. "Ok thank you I will tell you if we find any clues for now just go and rest ok Hun?" I nodded and headed to our room. What did the officer mean IF? What if I never saw harry again? I climed into my bed and fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.

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