Twilight woods

Jenna is a girl that is shy , and mysteryrious
When summer comes she needs to find love.
But when she goes to the city's scariest woods
What will she find and who will be there?


2. Something old but something new

I recanized my old ballet teacher mrs.roberts . I used to dance ballet until that one day I was practicing late in the old studio ,mum watching me spin and twirl . I was so good I went to compattions.anway I was going super fast then I spran my ankle and fell on the floor and mum rushing to pick me up and running down the stairs to the car and driving to the hospital,It was bad news they said I could never dance again . Meanwhile I gretted her with a simple hello and his your life bein going. Mrs.roberts: Great i missed you so much ever since you left the studio if it wouldn't bein for that accadident you would be with the professionals .jenna: wow I miss you too
It would be fun to come and vist even if I can't dance anymore but that won't stop me I mean that was six years ago like I was 11 and right now I'm 17 so maybe you can teach me again . Mrs.roberts: ok you still know we're it is right ? Jenna:of course it's right next to to my job.
Ok see you then jenn (that was my nickname ),she left with her coffee .
Employee: Hi welcome to Starbucks what would you like to order ,she said with a big smile and bubbly personality . Jenna: I would like to order a Carmel frappatino.
Employee :ok what is your name ? Jenna I replied.
Okay Jenna here you go thank you have a nice day.
I got to my car and drived to the camp .when I opened the door thousand of little girls hugging me screaming JENNA!! We thought you weren't coming today .
I was so happy and hugged them to saying I love you to ok let's get started on are glitter art I said while I sipped my Carmel frappatino
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