Twilight woods

Jenna is a girl that is shy , and mysteryrious
When summer comes she needs to find love.
But when she goes to the city's scariest woods
What will she find and who will be there?


4. Losing your bestfriend



   As I got home for my lunch brake mom was in the kitchen in her lunch brake also. Hi mom I said hi honey I replied you want a sandwich ? Ok  I said I will be in my room . I said . She said ok ill be done in 5 minutes. KK I replied . I went up the stairs humming to I knew you were trouble . OHH OHHH TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE ! I said . I sat in my desk going to my emails on my laptop. It was one from my friend Kat (yes she looked like Arian grande) it said I have bad knew I'm moving to New York forever . I don't know why but my mom said it was important, I'm gonna miss you jenn :( :) ❤ love always your kitty Kat.❤ Started crying beacuse Kat was my best friend sense kindergarten . I still remember how we met . FLASHBACK! It was agust the first day of school we were al in recess I had no friend I sat on the bentch all bored playing with the rocks on the cement then came a little girl with piggy tails and a pink tutu with rainbow laggings and a purple shirt of Dora the explora . She asked me if I wanted to play with her in the monkey bars so we both ran to the monkey bars and started to laugh what's your name I asked Kat she said screaming cause she was focused on getting all the way to the other side of the monkey bars . I'm Jenna I said . Sense then we have been best friends . But now she's moving . So I called the camp I called off the week .i asked mom if  I can go to New York she gave me the money to buy me the flight ticket. I said thank you mom going up to my room again I went and booked a hotel and plane. One day later I was going on the plane I carried my lugge with my make up and clothes and shoes . And I was carting my phone . 5 hours later I was leaving the airport . TAXI  TAXI ! I yelled I got one and told him the address.    I got my phone and went on instagram and posted a picture of time square. I arrived to the hotel . Hello welcome. The employe said . Hello checking in . The name please . Jenna parks . Ok room 211 . Thanks and gave me the rom card. I have my Lugee to the bell hope and he took it to my room . I swiped the key and I enterd the room . I gasped . SHANDALIERS , FANCY BED . PLASMA TV, AND THE BATHROOM HAS A HUGE SHOWER AND JACOZZIE. I gave the bell man the tip and he left and I closed the door. I ran to the bed and jumped on it I stopped and layed down and it was a temperpetic bed. This is the life I said to my self . I got my phone and looked at my instagram 200 likes in 10 minutes DANG !!



To enter your name in the comments and if you win you get to be in the story contest ends in April 13,2013  which is next Saturday. Ok byeeeee 😋 I love my kitty's !





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