Twilight woods

Jenna is a girl that is shy , and mysteryrious
When summer comes she needs to find love.
But when she goes to the city's scariest woods
What will she find and who will be there?


3. Help



        I walked in the room were all the girls were. I saw one sitting in the corner of the wall ,sitting crying her head in her legs .   I        walked towards her . I asked what happened ? She said no one likes me , no one cares about me ! She started sobbing in my shoulder . She pulled up her sleeve reveling deep cuts , bruseses , and scars . I asked if she wanted me to go get some nice girls to hang out with her . She nodded . So I said I'll be right back .  I  went to the most nicest girls in the whole camp, so asked Cecilia , Karina , jennete, Kate ,  Amber . They said ok so we walked back to her . She said thanks. And I walked away I turned back and there she was laughing and smiling. I saw a sparkel in her eye that said thank you . It was lunch time . When I was walking  about to leave  someone stopped me . It was the girl I helped she was covered with friend ship braclets , a French braid , and a tie - DIY  shirt , and her beautiful smile . Before she was she had a grey sweater , a messy ponytail , and no smile . She once again said thank you so much ! :) wait what's your name she said ? Jenna I replied but you can call me jenn . Ok jenn my name  is Alexa . Then we exchanged are phone numbers.

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