Twilight woods

Jenna is a girl that is shy , and mysteryrious
When summer comes she needs to find love.
But when she goes to the city's scariest woods
What will she find and who will be there?


5. Finding you





 I was looking throught instagram and found a picture that Kat. It was a picture of us in kindergarten , the first day we met, Kat with her princess crown  and pink tutu , me with braids and light up shoes .

the caption said I'm gonna miss you jenn ❤. Texted her what city do you live .  She told me and wrote it on a pice of paper.  I then grabbed my pjs and took a shower . I got out of the shower I changed and warped my wet hair in a towel and exiting the bathroom . I sat on the bed and ordered room servce . 10 minutes later the food came and gave the guy a tip. I sat on the bed and looked at my burger and fries it looked delisouious . I got up and got the controller for the TV and ordeded pitch perfect. The movie: I'm also good at mermaid dancing. I started laughing why bitting a pice of my burger. When I finished my food and movie I got up and entered the bathroom again. I unwrapped the towel off my hair and started coming my hair and left the bathroom. I layed on my bed and got a FaceTime call. It was Kat ! I awnsed  Kat  i miss you! I miss you too ! So can I see the house I asked. She showed me. Nice . I got to goi need to un pack  she said ok byeeeee! Byeeeeeeeee! I said. And after that I fell asleep.


ok rember contest ends next Saturday ! 

Love you kittys

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