Twilight woods

Jenna is a girl that is shy , and mysteryrious
When summer comes she needs to find love.
But when she goes to the city's scariest woods
What will she find and who will be there?


1. The beginning

BZZZZ BZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!
I was annoyed by my alarm .it was time to get up for work.
My job was a art teachers helper . I passed out scissors glue tape glitter etc.
And we're i worked was in a summer camp not so far from my house.
I got up mumbling damit ,as I walk through the cold wood floor.
I got to my bath room washing my face with my yes to tomatoes face wash.
Later putting my sunscreen for the sun.after that putting my concealer and mascara.
I put my high wasted shorts with a freshtops shirt that had the infinty sighn on it.
And as I look around my closet for my navy toms .FINALLY! I found them and putting them on.
I went down the stairs and skipped to the cabinet and refrigerator . Nothing to eat.i guess I'll just go to Starbucks .i grab my car keys.i drives a nice car cause if my good grades.
I finally got in star bucks I saw some one famlier

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