Little Tomlinson

Audrey was a party girl, needless to say. She could stay out all night with no curfew and no rules to follow. Being popular was everything to her. But when her friends ditch her at a bar she has a problem. But the problem came 10 months later when she had a baby and didn't know who the father was.


1. First Drawlings & Dreaded Explinations

~~Audrey's POV~~

"Mummy, mummy, mummy! Wake up! Wake up!" A little girl's voice rang in my ears awakening me from my peaceful sleep.

"Yes sweetheart?" I said as aweetly as I could since I'd just woken up. As soon as I pushed the cover off of me the small fragile hand of my little angel took my hand in hers and yanked on my arm.

"I'm coming Ashlynn. Mummy just woke up sweety."

"Sorry mum but you have to see my drawing I forgot to show you." She said excitedly.

"Why don't you go get it from you room and bring it downstairs so I can make us some breakfast."

"Yes mum." She replied and scurried down the hallway to her room.

Three years ago I was a normal teenage girl. I partied, I slept in, I went shopping with friends, had a boyfriend, etc. I'm a single mother in a lonely flat trying to survive with a three-year-old daughter, Ashlynn.

When I was seventeen I made a mistake. A huge one in fact. I'd already lost my virginity so why not do it with other guys didn't see the reason why then so I didn't care. My friends Stephanie, Rachel, and Brooke all convinced me to go to a bar with them. We were there for an hour or so and I was already pretty wasted. I remember going onto the dance floor and realizing my "Friends" had left me.

There was a guy about 5'9" with brown hair and blue eyes. He caught me off guard and sweet talked me. We danced, We grinded, and then we got a hotel room. I remember how I let him undress me; how I let him take advantage of me. That night was the night I got pregnant; the reason I am where I am today. I've never seen that boy since that night. But his face is still fresh in my mind.

I brushed the knots out of my hair that had been caused from my sleep and pulled my hair into a messy bun. When I got to the small kitchen in our flat I got out bread and pushed it down in the toaster. Next I got out a skillet and some eggs.

As I put our plates down on the table, toast fully buttered, Ashlynn came racing down the steps. She climbed into her seat and I pushed her chair in. When I sat down she held up a piece of paper. "This is my drawing mummy! Isn't it good?" She asked with anticipation.

I studied the picture for a minute. It was what looked to be a person holding a smaller persons hand. "Who did you draw love?" I asked curiously.

"Me and my daddy." She said with a smile.

I felt my heart sink to my stomach. She drew her and her daddy. He never even met her and she drew him. What am I supposed to say...? 

"Ashlynn, honey, you know you're daddy isn't here right?" I asked softly.


"And you know he's probably not coming back?" I asked cautiously.

"Mhm. But I think he looks like this." She mentioned pointing at the drawing.

I examined it closer and couldn't believe my eyes. Brown hair and Blue eyes. It was in some way like she knew. But could she know if she never met him?

"Mummy guess what!" Ashlynn squealed interrupting my thoughts.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Millie told me about this band called One Direction. She said they're really famous and one of them is from Doncaster. He's 21 and-" Ashlynn started to blabber like usual. Millie is a five-year-old that lives next door and Ashlynn plays with her sometimes. "He's the shortest cause he five nine but he has brown hair and blue eyes like my daddy."

"How does Millie know all of this?" I asked quite amused.

"She really likes them and she says she knows all of their songs. nI don't know if she really does though...but what if we saw them? Millie said that one boy is coming back to Doncaster to visit his mummy and maybe we'll see him!" Ashlynn exclaimed excitedly.

"Maybe we will." I said with a smile. I doubt that we will, but it's wrong to put a little girl down like that. And who knows maybe we will see this boy.












New story! Yay, I'm excited. What did you all think? Should I continue? n


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