Broken (Harry Styles Fanfic)

“THAT’S IT HARRY! I’M TIRED OF US FIGHTING! GOODBYE!” I hollered. “FINE. GO. BYE!” he shot back. I walked out and closed the door. First let me introduce myself, I’m Lucy Flynn. I’m 19 and am dating Harry Styles.... Or was dating him.


1. Picnic


“I love you more than warm soft kittens...”  I whispered to Harry.  “I love you more than the stars in the sky” Harry answered.  I laid down and looked at the sky.  Harry hasn’t all ways been the easiest to deal with.  Like right now.  The rain fell hard, thunder rumbled.  “AHH” I’ve hated thunder and lightning since my Mom got struck by it when I was 5.  “Don’t be such a baby.” Harry hissed.  “You know I’m petrified of thunder, Harry!” I shrieked.  “Grow up!” he screamed.  It’s the whisky he’s been drinking. I tried to calm him but he wouldn’t let down.  I gave up.  I was never one for fighting.  Especially the people I love.  But when he was drunk it was difficult.  “Harry, come on, lets go home.”  I  knew it was a bad idea to have a picnic with him and bring liquor. “CLACK!” Harry slapped me across the face.  It burned and I cried.  


I began to walk home  I called a cab and I waited for it to arrive.  It never came but Louis did.  I called him by accident.  “Hey Lu-Lu! What happened?” he asked?  “Nothing.” I sobbed.  “You’re soaking wet, crying and Harry gave me a drunk text that said, ‘Where’s the potato with jelly?favier0mwv0im,’ now what happened?” he repeated.  “H-Harry slapped my face when he was d-drunk and I-I’m alone a-and...” I broke down.  “Aww it’s okay,  you can sleep at my house tonight.  And we can invite Eleanor and Danielle and Perrie and Zayn and Liam and Niall. Huh?” Louis comforted me, while pushing my copper brown hair behind my ear to see my bright blue eyes.  “Come on, lets go call them.” Louis hugged me and then began to drive.  Lou has always been my friend.  We always hang; I met him when I was 3, his mom, Johanna, was a family friend; Lou always picked on me and when we grew up we became best friends, he even introduced me to Harry!  “Isn’t it too late?” I asked.  “Lucy, it’s only 6” Louis answered.  I completely forgot that during winter the days are shorter.  We finally pulled up and on Louis’s front lawn was...

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