Broken (Harry Styles Fanfic)

“THAT’S IT HARRY! I’M TIRED OF US FIGHTING! GOODBYE!” I hollered. “FINE. GO. BYE!” he shot back. I walked out and closed the door. First let me introduce myself, I’m Lucy Flynn. I’m 19 and am dating Harry Styles.... Or was dating him.


2. Break Me

On Louis’s lawn was a stranger passed out in the garden.  Oh No! Oh no, oh no, oh no!  The stranger has big emerald eyes and curly chestnut hair you wanna run your fingers through.  The stranger isn’t a stranger. It’s Harry.  “Get up... come on... Harry get up.”  I say moving his shoulder back and fourth.  “Ugh...” Harry groans,  he puked all over the Daisy’s me and Eleanor planted.  “Aww poor baby...” I said sympathetically rubbing his back.  “Lucy, he slapped you, left you to walk home, and didn’t comfort you during your biggest fear.  You can’t always be so trusting to people.”  Louis contradicted me.  “I know Lou-Boo (my nickname for him) but I can’t help it.  I feel so bad for him.”  I commented.  “Harry...get up. Please come on, it’s winter you’ll be hungover with hypothermia.” I complained.  Louis grabbed his legs and directed me to grab Harry’s wrists.  We carried him inside and put him on the couch.  “Louis, get a bucket, and a blanket. I’ll fetch him some water.”  I felt Harry’s forehead.  Burning.  I got medicine out of the cabinet and dropped it in his water.  “Don’t go” Harry whispered, clenching my arm.  “Harry, you aren’t on your deathbed, I can check on Louis.  He’s been awhile” I pushed my hand though his dark mane.  “No.” he pulled me back, “Harry.  Please.  Let me go.” I pleaded.  “Come here babe.” Harry pulled me down and drunken kissed me.  “Harry.  You’re drunk.  Let me go.” I tugged away from him but his grip was too strong.  “Harry, please stop.” hot tears streaming down my face and landing on my floral peplum  shirt.  “Harry, your wasted! LOUIS HELP!!!” I screamed, “Harry, I love you, if you really loved me you’d stop.” I cried.  “Shut up you ratchet bitch!” Harry punched me, “Harreh!” Louis walked in.  “What do yah think yah doin’ mate?” Louis hugged me, “Come on Lucy.”  Louis hugged me tighter than he should of.  “Lou-Boo?  How about we go to my flat and have a pancake party?” I looked into his perfectly blue eyes, “Okay, Louis.” I smiled.  “Harry, stay here.” I touched his hand but he was already asleep.  “Thanks for coming over everyone!” Louis said his goodbyes our friends, “Come on let me take yah home.” Louis held my hand taking me out of his house, leading me into the car.  ‘Is Lucy Flynn cheating on Harry Styles....With his best friend?’ the newspaper headlines, ‘Ugh.  I groaned, ‘I’m not cheating on Harry with Louis!’ I thought.  “U R CHETIN ON ME?” Harry texted, “No Harry!  You were drunk and em and a few friends went over to Lou’s and had a cooking party.” I texted back.  “I’m sure.” Harry typed, “I’m not lying!” I replied.  “Fine.” Harry wrote back.  “How r u feeling?” I changed the subject.  “Gud.” he replied.  “Wanna see a movie today?” I asked him.  “Sure ;)”  “Les c Le Miserable.” I typed.  “Idc.” Harry wrote.  “KK c u soon.” I ended the conversation and got ready.  “I heard this movie is supposed to be really good.” Harry held my hand as adoring fans and paps surrounded us.  “I’ll be right back.  I need to use the ladies room.” I whispered but I don’t think Harry heard.  “HARRY!  What the fuck?” I screamed in disgust to him kissing another girl.  “Wait.  If you’re there, than who the fuck am I kissing?” Harry confused.  “I’m Gina.” the girl waved.  “I’m sorry for kissing you I thought you were the love of my life.” Harry apologized.  “It’s fine.  We can do it again another time without anyone interrupting.” she said rudely and excused herself.  “Dumb hoe.” I said under my breath.  “Some fans.  I swear.” Harry gripped my hand and kissed my cheekbone.  
“That was a great movie.” I commented.  “HARRY!  HARRY! WHO IS SHE?” one pap cried out.  “No one.” he spat.  “Harry? I’m not no one am I?” I looked up.  “No.  You aren’t no one, but I don’t want you to get hurt.  Like Lou and El, or Liam and Dani.” he bent down and whispered in my ear.  “I can take it.” I let go of Harry’s hand and walked toward the group of paps.  “I’m Lucy Flynn, Harry Styles girlfriend and have been dating him for 2years now.” I smiled.  “WHORE!” one fan screamed.  “Lucy is not a whore!  Harry’s happy! Respect that shit!” another fan hollered back, the one who called me a whore jumped on her and they fought.  ‘Wow.  I have that much power?’ I thought to myself.  “Who”-”How”-”When”-”Why”- voices echoed all over the main plaza of the parking lot.  “Can we go?” Harry opened the car door.  My phone received many buzzes from twitter updates.  “GET AWAY FROM MY HARRY BITCH!” @Harryswhore tweeted me.  “Happy for you and Harry!  Look so cute together!” @1DHOTTY tweeted.  “@LuluFlynnie Adorable!” @PinkBlueLove tweeted.  “#HucyFlytles” began trending instantly.  “Look at what you did!” Harry rested his head on the wheel.  “I’m tired of hiding us.” I sighed.  “I’m tired of living in sworn secrecy, Harry.  I love you and I want the whole world to know.” I smiled looking up at him.  “Whatever.” he spat.  “Let’s get home.” I said.  “No.  I’ll get home.  You walk.  Find a place.  Tell everyone we’re over.” Harry unlocked the door.  “Bye Harry.” I left.  “Don’t come to my house either!  I’ll leave your cheap shit on the stoop!” he screamed.  I can’t believe he’s doing this!  “Hey Lou, this is Lucy.  I wanted to know if I could come over for the weekend.  I g-” Eleanor answered my call, “Lu-Lu?  Hey what’s up?” she asked, “Can I come over?” I asked, “Sure, babe.  See you in a few!” She hung up.  “Come on.  Come on.  Come on!  You can’t do this to me!” I screamed at my non-starting car.  I began to walk towards Lou and Eleanor’s home.  “So, we were thinking of planning a party.  You know with everyone!” Louis smiled.  “I need to go to the bathroom.” I ran down the hall, when I heard Harry and Lou conversing in the sitting room.  “I can’t believe she did that!  I fucking hate her!  She’s always trying to change me, like ‘oh stop drinking so much’ or like um ‘stop cheating on me!’.  Who does she thinks she is.  So what if I cheat on her? So what if I hurt her?  She’s the one who keeps coming back.” Harry raged.  “Eleanor!  Hey.  Thanks for letting me come over, but I need to go.” I tapped my feet,  “Why don’t you stay awhile.  It won’t hurt.” she smiled innocently.  “No.  I. Need. To. Go.” I walked out, not even paying attention to Harry.  “Thanks for letting me come over Lou.  But, I need to leave.  Bye.” I kissed his cheek and left.

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