The internship

What Rikki doesn't know won't hurt her? Right..?


1. introduction


          Rikki woke up to her alarm ringing a jazzy upbeat song.  It was 5:30 in the morning, and she needed a morning run.  She hopped out of her fleece blankets, and pulled up her waist long hair into a high ponytail.  Soon she was outside.  She manuevered through the streets and came upon a park.  Rikki felt eyes staring at her.  She turned around and saw a black figure in the shadows with dark, bottomless eyes. As creepy as it was, she did not think twice about it.  She probably should have.  

*  *  *

          Rikki's mom was a fashion designer.  Although, it was cool it came with negatives.  For example, her mom was leaving for a couple months, and already Rikki barely spent time with her.  Before Rikki's mom left, she gave Rikki a necklace with an old fashioned key on it.  She told Rikki it was an heirloom and to let NO ONE take it no matter what.  She also told Rikki she got her an internship at a music studio.  Then she left.  

*  *  *

           Rikki hopped out of the shower, and sashayed to her walk-in closet.  She pulled out a cropped, black and white polka dot shirt, dark high waisted jeans, a thin red belt, her mothers key necklace, and some more funky jewelry to spice up the outfit.  To complete the look she swiped some mascara and eye shadow on her bright emerald eyes.  She also brushed her chestnut hair, admiring the ombre tips and loose curls.  She grabbed an apple and hopped into her sleek black car.

*  *  *


              Once I got to the studio I walked to the front desk and stated my name.  The secretary told me to sit in the chairs and wait until someone came to get me.  Soon after, Simon Cowell came out and called my name.  I followed him back to his office and sat down.  

"Hello Rikki!  Your mother has told me you love to choose outfits." Simon stated.  

"Yes.. I do." I quizzically replied.  I then added, "I guess I like to follow in my mothers footsteps."

SImon looked at me confused for a second, but shook it off "Well I am here to offer you an inter--" Right then five boys and another older looking man barged in.  Simon was suprised, but quickly recovered.  "Rikki this is Luther" he said pointing to the older man, and the boys, better known as One direction.  "Luther is the boys manager."

I looked at Luther, I felt like I had seen him before.. he seemed really familiar...those eyes, I have seen them somewhere I thought.

"Luther have we met before?" I asked.

"No I do not believe we have." He said extending a thin bony hand.

Simon looked between us, shook his head smirked and said, "Rikki, meet the boys you will be dressing for a couple months."

I looked back at Simon, and all I could think was what has my mother gotten me into?


Luther's P.O.V.

           She had the key necklace.  The necklace I have been looking for.  I was right about her.  Somehow, I was going to get it.  Regardless, of who would get hurt.   



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