Haunted House.

Rosa, Hannah , Abbi , and Candi were all having a sleepover in Candi's new house.. Then something paranormal happens. And strange noises in the basement.. We're not alone.


6. Why Us?

Abbi's POV-
I woke up from my nap with Beth and Candi. When I woke up, I saw..Rosa and Hannah in a corner dead. I assumed they were dead from the amount of blood there was. My legs were cramped from the sitting in a certain position so long. So I decided to stand up. When I stood up, there was a spider web in my face. I let out a quick "Ahh" and then the door opened.

Beth's POV-
When the girls were upstairs playing, I was just watching a movie called Offline. I was gonna ask the girls if they wanted to join me...But then something black went other my eyes and I tried to get up but I fell. They dragged me down the stairs and beat me. I guess they wanted me to be tortured. It really hurt. I just didn't want them to touch the girls. When the blind fold came off, I was in a dark room. I saw glowing eyes go by then I heard footsteps from upstairs. I prayed. "Dear God, I am in a tough time right now. I need to stay alive for my children. But, if I do die, please make sure they make it out safe! Amen." Abbi wasn't mine, but she was like mine.

Candi's POV-
After I heard Hailey scream, I  woke up! I didn't see Abbi! "Abbi?" I asked calmly. It was so dark, I tried to crawl around. But then I found the flashlight. Rosa must of dropped it when she ran away! I looked around and saw Rosa and Hannah in a corner.. Didn't look like they were breathing.. I pointed the flashlight to where Abbi was. She wasn't there!! "Abbi?!" I scream. Then the door opened again.

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