Haunted House.

Rosa, Hannah , Abbi , and Candi were all having a sleepover in Candi's new house.. Then something paranormal happens. And strange noises in the basement.. We're not alone.


4. Where's Mom?

Candi's POV-
When we heard the bang, I thought my mom fell or something. "Guys, we have to go downstairs and check if my mom got hurt!" I protested. "You can!" Rosa said. By now, we were all whispering. "Well, lets all go down.." I said. They all nodded in agreement. We started walking down the stairs slowely. It was all silence. My stairs were creaking as all 4 of us walked down. It actually sounded kind of creepy. I put my hand up to show them to follow me.

Rosa's POV-
I was scared going down the stairs... Candi told us to follow her ... I turned around, and saw a shadow go past. I almost screamed. I pulled all of the girls to the side. " I just saw a shadow guys! Im scared!" I said whispering.

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