Haunted House.

Rosa, Hannah , Abbi , and Candi were all having a sleepover in Candi's new house.. Then something paranormal happens. And strange noises in the basement.. We're not alone.


3. The Night!

** 3 Days Later ( Saturday ) **
Candi's POV-
I had my room all neat and set out for when Rosa, Hannah and Abbi get here! I had Nail Polish, Scary Movies, My Cell Phone, and much more! I knew Rosa didn't like scary movies. But she does like Chucky. It turned 4:34pm, I heard someone at the door. I looked out the window.. "It's Rosa!" I yelled. I ran to the door and let her in. We hugged. My chinchilla recently had a baby.. So we played with the baby for alittle while until there was another knock at the door. *knock* *knock* I looked in the window. "Hannah is here!" I yelled!

Hannah's POV-
I knocked on the door.. A few minutes later, Candi and Rosa came to the door. They let me in. "Is it just gonna be us?" I asked. "No, Abbi will be here soon!" She tells me. I nod and we walk up to Candi's room. After a while of gossip.. There was once again, another knock. Candi ran downstairs and a few minutes later, she walked in with Abbi. "ABBI!" I screamed. We all missed her..

Abbi's POV-
"So, what first?" I ask. "We can tell scary stories!" Hannah yells. "Yeah, that's a good idea!" Candi replies. We start telling ghost stories. "One night, a few boys went camping and they were all fast asleep when they heard a noise....One of the boys went outside and he was so suprised to find a - " BANG! I got cut off by a huge BANG. "What was that?!" Rosa asked scared. "Mom?? Are you alright??" Candi asked.

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