Haunted House.

Rosa, Hannah , Abbi , and Candi were all having a sleepover in Candi's new house.. Then something paranormal happens. And strange noises in the basement.. We're not alone.


5. The Basement??

Abbi's POV-
"Rosa, Hannah, I should tell you something. Me and Candi once went in her basement, and we saw things..But we never went back down there. What if that's were Beth is!" I say.. "Maybe you're right! Says Candi. "Let's get a flashlight"I say. "Woah Woah Woah, why do we need a flashlight?! Isn't there lights down there?!" Hannah asks. "Well, no." Candi says. We all sigh.. Im doing it for Beth.

Rosa's POV-

I was last going down the stairs of the haunted house. I saw another shadow go by! "Guys, is it only me!?! Do you see the shadow's too?!" I yell. "Rosa, Shhhh. I'm sure you're just seeing things!" Hannah said. "Oh shut up. You don't even like me." I say back. We were about to start to fight until Abbi broke us up. "Mmmmmmm" We heard moans. "Mom? Is that you?" Candi asks. She points the flashlight into a abandoned room. We start to walk in. Candi pointed the flashlight into a dark corner. There she was. Beth shribbled into a corner. Bloody and barely moving. "MOM!" Candi yelled..

Candi's POV-
When I saw my mom, I started to bawl my eyes out. I rushed to her side. "Mom, I love you!" I say. She mumbled some words...But I heard someone, but not the girls. "Guys, stop messing with me. My mom is hurt!" I say. "Um, Candi, we didn't say anything.... "Then Who Did??" I ask. Then we see a red glow of eyes. "Run!" Rosa yells. Rosa and Hannah run up the stairs and out of the door. "You can go Abbi, I am NOT leaving my mom." I tell her. " Well, too bad. You're my second family. I'm not leaving either." She says. Then a red glow on the wall says,. " Smart Move Girls." I felt alittle creeped out by that... Then from upstairs, I head Rosa and Hannah scream! "AAHHHHH HELP US ABBI! CANDI! HELP" Abbi was about to get up but she stopped herself. I just snuggled up to my mom. "I love you, I am not leaving you.." I tell her. She moved every now and again. I stopped here bleeding... So we fall asleep for alittle while....


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