Haunted House.

Rosa, Hannah , Abbi , and Candi were all having a sleepover in Candi's new house.. Then something paranormal happens. And strange noises in the basement.. We're not alone.


2. Plans/ Gift.

Candi's POV-
My birthday was on March 1st. So, there was no school that day because of parent teacher. I called Abbi to see if she can make it to my party. "Sorry, I can't. I have basket-ball!" She told me. Abbi was my bbffladasaaf (Beyond Best Friend For Life and Death And Sister Always And Forver) so I really wanted her to make it! I decided to switch my party to Saturday! We texted eachother for alittle while until she had to take a shower. While I waited.. I cleaned my room up more... Rosa and Hannah were already coming. Rosa and Abbi are my 2 main best friends. But Hannah was a awesome friend too!

Beth's POV- (Candi's Mom)
"Candi!" I yelled. I heard her foot steps coming down the stairs. "Yea?" She asks. "You need a shower." I told her. She nods and runs to the bathroom. "No running in the house!" I yell. Since her party was in a few days, I thought I would get her present early to show to her friends! I heard her hop in the shower... While she was in, I put her present in a lepoard print box. I hid it under the couch until she got out. When she came out she was in her new pair of P.J.'s she bought with her birthday money. "You look nice!" I say. "Thanks!" She says. I take out the box and give it to her. She opens it to find a Nokia C3 (pink). She starts jumping up and down happily! I laugh. "Thank You Thank You Thank You Mom!! " She screams. I smile and keep hugging her. "You're welcome. You Deserve it!" She says.

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