My Bully Has A Crush On Me

Ally was a very shy mysterious girl she is 15 and there's this one guy who bulllies her but what happens when he tells her why?


1. When He Said It



I was walking down the hallway when he came towards me Zayn Malik my bully.

The most popular guy in school.

But I did have a little crush on him.

"Where are you going? He asked

To my locker now get away from me you jerk all you do is bully me.

Have you ever thought that there  was a reason for it? He asked me

No because you only do it for fun.

There is a reason. Ally.

Wow you actually know my name. I said sarcastically

We do have almost every class together.

Just get on with the reason.

I like you well to me it feels like love though.


I know I know its crazy but I can't help what I feel.

I never said it was crazy because I kinda feel the same."

 Just as he was about to say something the bell rang and his friends came up but were still kinda far back.

"See you in class."

I couldn't start my sentence because his five friends Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall,and Camron came running up.

"Harry:Hello Love

Liam:Hi I'm Liam

Louis: Hello Beautiful

Niall: Do you like sandwhiches?

Camron: Zayn why are you talking to this lame?

Zayn: Hey I'm her bully

Louis:She doesn't look like a lame and if she is she's a pretty lame."

Soon the second bell rang and you rushed off to your fifth period class. 


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