My Bully Has A Crush On Me

Ally was a very shy mysterious girl she is 15 and there's this one guy who bulllies her but what happens when he tells her why?


3. Our first date


Me and Zayn were going on our first date today at 6.
We were going to the movies then we were going to walk around on the beach to watch the sunset.
It was 4:30pm and I was kinda nervous.Thoughts like what if he doesn't like or what if I screw it all up?
Now I was officially scared I had two hours to get myself together.When I was finally don I had on this It was 5:57 and I was finally ready.I was mesmerizing myself until I heard a knock on my room door.It was my mom telling me zayn was here.I'm coming I screamed sounding like a little kid.I heard a chuckle downstairs and when I made it down I seen my mom and zayn laughing at what I just did about 25 seconds ago.
Well well well looks like you two are having fun.
We were laughing at you dear.My mom said
You sound like a five year old. Zayn said
Hey I haven't been five for twelve years.I said sarcastically
OK ok don't spend all your time here you two should get going.
Alright Love You Mom.
Love you too sweetheart.
As we walked out the door zayn grabbed my hand.
What are you doing?
I can't hold your hand why?
I didn't say you couldn't but that was a suprise.

After the movie we were walking on the beach when he stopped and said.
Ally I've liked you for a while and I wanted to do this.
He grabbed my face gently and kissed me softly that it felt like a dream.
I felt butterflies sparks and a dream come true.
He broke the kiss apart and said.
I've been waiting to do that forever.
Me too.
With that we just walked around until the sunset was up.


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