My Bully Has A Crush On Me

Ally was a very shy mysterious girl she is 15 and there's this one guy who bulllies her but what happens when he tells her why?


2. How he asked

After my fifth period class I had lunch so I was walking to my locker to put away my books when Camron came over.
Uhm why are you at my locker?
Because you need too stay away from Zayn.
Because he doesn't need to be around a lame like you.
When he said that zayn came over.
I was almost crying because I'm very sensitive and when zayn saw me he had a very serious look on his face.
Whats wrong? He asked concerned
Why don't you ask your friend.
Camron what did you do?
I told her too stay away from you.
Because if you start hanging out with her you'll forget about your friends.
No I won't and you no I won't.
Just then the rest of the boys came over to see.
Harry:Whats going on.
Camron: Zayn just lost his friend.
Camron walked away angry then zayn grabbed my hand.
Don't let him get to you and I need to ask you something.
Sure go ahead.
Uhm.....Ally will you be my girlfriend please?
Yes zayn of course.
Hallway: Awwwwwww
After that zayn and me shared a long passionate kiss.
Ally you never answered my question. Niall said sarcastically.
What is it niall?
Do you like sandwhiches???
Yes I do Niall. 
This could be the start of a new friendship.

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