My New Life, What happened to forever?

Autumn Nickoal's life hasn't been easy but when she becomes a bodyguard for One Direction her life turns upside down. follow Autumn as she finds herself, her friends, love interests :) and faces the hardest challenge in her life. WARNING: I will leave author's notes @ the end of chapters they will clue you in when I'm going to add another chapter.


2. Unbelievable


Autumn's POV

I've seen celebrities before (Ellen, Elton John. You know guys like that) but to see one direction; celebrities that are hot I felt frozen, it's times like these that I wish my best friends came to the gym to watch me train I needed moral support right NOW!!!!

Mark's POV

I saw autumn sort of freeze up around the guys, she seemed scared out of her mind, so I decided to buy her some time. "Autumn, go get Ash we're going to show the guys your defensive techniques." I said with a smile. It seemed to jolt Autumn out of her trance and she squeaked "Alright." Autumn walked through a door at the back of the room and went in calling out "Ash come here I need you in a full training suit with the gloves!""What?" screamed ash from inside the room, she looked at me rolled her eyes and walked into the room and closed the door. "Is she the one Paul wanted us to check out?" Liam asked me, I heard some disbelief in his voice. "Yes," I said, "Paul came over last week saying he wanted to see my best trainee in action, so I showed him what Autumn could do and he said he would send you guys over later to check her out and decide if you want to hire her or not." I continued. "Well if Paul was impressed with her she must be good!" said Zayn with a smile. "How old is she?" asked Harry. "She's 17." I answered. "I got Ash." said Autumn as she walked back into the main gym. This, I thought, is going to be interesting.

Liam's POV

This girl was only 17 and she is training to be a bodyguard! I couldn't believe it! She is 5' 2" and has super pale skin her eyes are this shocking clear crystal blue and her hair (it was tucked up in a white hat, so I only saw her bangs) is a light golden blonde with a sorta glowing tint to it, she's beautiful!  


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