My New Life, What happened to forever?

Autumn Nickoal's life hasn't been easy but when she becomes a bodyguard for One Direction her life turns upside down. follow Autumn as she finds herself, her friends, love interests :) and faces the hardest challenge in her life. WARNING: I will leave author's notes @ the end of chapters they will clue you in when I'm going to add another chapter.


1. Hired?

Autumn's  POV


I grunted as I roundhouse kicked a punching bag. "Excellent! Excellent!" said Mark, "you'll be a full-time bodyguard in no time at all!" he continued as I did a 360 roundhouse on the punching bag. "Just to let you know...." Mark said slyly, "some possible future employers are dropping by in a few minutes to check out your defensive techniques." "You butt!" I whined, "you didn't tell me." "Yeah because I knew you would stress out like this." he said with a smile. "Anyone I know?" I asked as I continued to kick the punching bag. "Nope not gonna tell you 'cause if I do you'll flip." "Oh, fine." I said with a scowl. "Oh and when they do come in just ignore them and continue you do every time some 'boring' person would come in looking for a bodyguard." Mark said. "So these possible future employers are some people I know!" I said finally sort-of figuring it out. Mark stayed silent but gave me a knowing look. I stopped kicking the punching bag for a moment to catch my breath. "Now" said Mark, "get on the balance beam and practice your flips. "Fine." I said trying to sound grumpy but failing entirely. I heard a jangle of bells as someone opened the front door of the gym. "A'llo is this the doctors'?" called out a voice from the front of the gym. "Shut up you tool!" said another voice that sounded British. "You tell him Harry!" said another voice that sounded once again British. "In the back boys." called Mark. This is it I thought this is when I meet my first possible future employers. I heard footsteps and I looked up from tying my shoes, my mouth dropped open when I saw who had walked through the door. It was One Direction.

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