Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


6. Zayn.




Damn, maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave those two alone, but I feel very dizzy. Niall's bite hurts badly.

I have to admit though that I trust Zayn when it comes to Stacy, like I trust Liam to everything.


I just hope Kate is alright.

And what the fuck with Zayn? I mean he is so sexy, but he's also a weirdo. And that habit of his licking his lips is really hot but weird at the same time and why the fuck is he smelling the place around him like he's smoking weed or something?

And anyway the situation is really awkward 'cause we don't talk right now..He 's just sitting on the couch and I'm in the kitchen to bring pizza and I'm also on my period which doesn't help things..!

"So, what happened with Kate?" I asked in a serious tone. He frowned and took the plate I handed him.

"She suddenly felt dizzy while she was with Niall and he brought her home." Lucky girl! I can imagine her when she realised that Niall had brought her to his place..! I giggled.

" I you wanna watch the movie?" I said grabbing the remote control of the tv.

"Of course." He smiled.



WHY DOES SHE SMELL SO BLOODY GOOD? I mean I can smell her blood everywhere! I somehow get how Niall feels when he is around Kate, but it's not like a hunger..she just smells pretty damn good!

She sat next me. She was close so I could smell her tempting smell. I swear I just wanted to eat her right now. But, of course I'm not gonna touch her.

"So do you like London?" I asked. Maybe she wanted to watch the movie, but I couldn't stand the awkward silent.

"Haha, yeah it's nice! " She smiled. She was really pretty. Without realising it, I had leaned a bit towards her. Damn her smell...hope she didn't realise.




 Did Zayn lean towards me? Okay, maybe I imagine things but I think he really leaned. Oh yeah, I should go and check if Kate is alright.

"Emm, pause the movie please, I'll go check Kate. Maybe she needs something." I said. He nodded.

I went to her room. She was sleeping. I muffled her in the blanket and then I noticed something on her neck. Blood? I looked at it carefully. She had two bruises which looked like someone had bitten her. What the hell?

I went to the living room to see Zayn texting to someone.

"Zayn can I ask something?" I said worried.

"Of course babe." He grinned.

"Why does Kate has two bruises on her neck?"



Oh shit. I had forgotten about that.

"When she fainted, we called a doctor and he had to take some blood from her and you know.." I said with a dead serious face. Okay, that sounded convincing, somehow.

She nodded, still worried. Fuck the last thing I want is her to be in trouble because of me. It's not that I care but still...


The movie finally ended, I have watched it so many times it gets boring as fuck.

"So are you gonna sleep? " I asked with an innocent tone.

"I'm a little tired." She said streching. "But I don't really mind." She smilled. I really like that girl! It's not so comfortable being around her since she smells so delicious, but you can have a laugh with her. She's enthusiastic and cheerful. Duh, Zayn stop..


We spent the whole night talking about random things. I don't remember what time it was when we fell asleep.



I woke up. It was 8:30 in the morning. Something's really wrong! I used to sleep till 1:00 pm.

Then I realised that Stacy was alone with Zayn for the whole night. Damn, I forgot!

I ran to the living room, hoping that Stacy was alright.

What I saw was really unexpected.

Zayn and Stacy were cuddling in the sofa. Zayn had hugged Stacy and she was laying her head on his chest. I went closer to check if she was really okay, searching for bruises or something but she was okay. Thanks God.

I've missed something. I giggled. Zayn was her celebrity crush. She will fangirl like crazy when she wakes up.


I was really bored. I had nothing to do. I ate my breakfast and then took my phone, which luckilly was on the kitchen table and texted Liam.

To: Leeyum. 

Good morning! Can I go anywhere today?:)

I wasn't trying to be sarcastic. I swear.


I was with Niall and Louis at Niall's house. I sensed my phone vibrating. I had one new message. It was Kate.

I read her message and smiled.

"Why are you smiling?" Niall lauhged.

"Kate send me a message." Both the boys flinched.

"Zayn gave her her phone back?" Louis asked suprised.

"What did she say?" Niall asked a bit angry.

"She asked where we are going to go tonight?" I said a bit confused from Niall's reaction. I mean why did he get angry? "What shall I tell her?" I asked. 


"Hmm okay, some friends of us are having a concert tonight. We wanted to go but then we met the girls, but since they want to go somewhere let's go to that concert. " Louis said enthusiastically. Niall glared. I can't understand what bothers him those last three days. Since we met the girls he is always a kind know short-tempered.

"Okay I'm gonna text her." I said, grabbing my phone.

"Wait, don't you think that it's a bit dangerous? I mean the guys are vampires too..." Niall said. Well, he had a point there.

"Oh come on! It will be okay." Louis complainted. I nodded. It's okay, I mean I don't think that something will go wrong. 

Το : Kateeee!

Okayy babe..! Concert night, tonight. See ya there.


     MY POV.

I got Liam's message. A concert? Ohh yeah! I sometimes think that I should really enjoy the whole know, going out with One Direction. Just sometimes!


I heard some noises from the living room. Stacy was awake.

-"Katee!" She whispered. I did silently a fangirl move and she did the same.

-" I'm seriously dying, Zayn told me about Niall." She winked at me. "We have lots to discuss, girl." She smile. We sure have..!

Zayn came in the kitchen with his sleepy messy hair. 

"I just got a message from Harry! We are going to a concert tonight. Wanna come?" He smiled. Damn, he was a pretty good actor. I really wanted to know what he would say if said "No". But I want my life.

"Yeahh!" Stacy said happily and I nodded. 

"Okay get ready, the concerts starts at 9:30pm." He smiled.

"Wait, you're leaving?" I said. That sounded a bit awkward but it really suprised me.

"Yeah, see you there." He said with a serious tone. He glared at me with a if-you-do-anything-stupid-I-will-kill-you look. He spelled silently with his lips the phrase:" I'll be around here." to me and left.

 My iphone vibrated. I had a message.

From: Niall!

Don't mess things up! I told them to leave you come alone. I'm watching you. Just don't do anything stupid, girl.

That guy is creepy.

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