Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


3. Supernatural?



                  Somewhere else in the town.


-"Guys, that's the last one.Okay?" Liam said moving the dead body out of the table.
-"Yeah, we may stop now" Harry agreed.
-"No, I just can''s all this huger that makes me wanna.."Niall continued drinking the dead body.His eyes filled with hunger.
-"Niall, stop. There's nothing left to drink from her. What's wrong with you today?" Zayn took the dead body away from Niall.
-"Do you remember that girl yesterday, Kate if I recall?" Niall said, wiping away the blood from his mouth with his hand."I don't know why, but every time I think of her, my hunger becomes bigger. Yesterday, I went to the restroom 'cause I wanted to tear apart her throat and drink all her blood. And today I have to meet her to give her her iphone case..she forgot it yesterday at Nandos.


    Zayn gave Liam a worried look. Louis, though, seemed very excited from Niall's words. 
-"Looks like someone's having a date." Louis said with his smug face.

-"Shut up, the only way I'm interested in her, is that I want so badly to tear her throat apart." Niall defended himself, a bit embarrassed of what Louis had said.


-"Anyway, Niall be careful! Just give her her phone case and come back quickly.." Harry said.



               MY POV

  I dressed quickly and straigtened my hair. Oh myy, that's something like a date? Okay, maybe he just gives me my phone case and go away..but what if we hang out together? Oh God, that'll be the end of me. I am so excited. 


  "Stacy, I'm readyyy!" I shouted enthousiastically. She was really excited too. She knew how much I liked that Irish boy. I know I was overacting. The poor guy only wanted to give me my phone case but whatever..I had the chance to meet him again.That was enough for me to be so excited. 


    I put on my shoes and jacket and went out, straight to Nandos.

   After about 10 minutes, I arrived outside of the Nandos. Niall was already there. 



          Niall's POV


    Here she comes. Oh my God, I'm so hungry.No, Niall you've eaten your meal. Stop thinking her like that. She hasn't done anything would be unfair for her to die like that. Control yourself.


-"Hey!" She said. Such an energetic person. Why was she so exited?

-"Hey" I hugged her. Making skin contact for a second time would be the end of me. No, most  likely the end of her.

-"So you got my phone-case?" She asked. 

-"Oh, yeah. Here." I gave her the phone case. By the way, that phone case smelled kinda good. First of all, it smelled like a human and second like her perfume.

-"Okay, so thanks." She smile. "I guess I'll be going now"

-"I can drive you if you want?" I suggested. Wrong move Nialler. You're still hungry. Being in the same car with her is not a good idea. I hope she refuses.

-"Okay!"  FUCK.


     We went to my car. I was a bit nervous. I really didn't want to hurt her. She was nice. I shouldn't have gotten to know her because if I killed her, I will feel kind of bad. She was just a fan, but I didn't feel like hurting her. I took a glimpse of her. She was quiet. Okay, maybe she wasn't very comfortable. I prefer that, though. I was never fond of loud fans. I liked only those who were loud at concerts. She was pretty. Her blood must be delicious. If only I could taste it. Duh, stop Niall. While I was driving my hunger became bigger. I think I can't control myself anymore!


-" Hey do you have time to hang out a little?" I know that that wasn't a good idea, but if we stayed more time in my car, I would fucking eat her.

-"Hmm..let me see my agenda." She smirked. I smiled at her. 

-"So, wanna visit London's Eye?"

-"Yes and buy some food, cause I'm hungry." She winked at me. You don't say?





                     My POV




    I was screaming in my head. I managed to be more relaxed..but inside I was fangirling like crazy. We were about to enter the London Eye! I wanted to text Stacy about what was happening but ain't time for that right now!


  We entered the huge wheel. It was the first time of my life I'd ever been in a wheel. There was a brochure in there. I took it and started reading, not watching out of the window. Ha-ha I wouldn't let him understand that I'm afraid of heights. As I was looking through that brochure, I accidentally got a paper cut. 


  I turned to see Niall freaking out a bit. 

-"Haha it's just a paper cut" I said to him trying to calm him down. I don't know why but when he saw that, he was like he had seen a ghost. He looked out of the window immediately. What was wrong with him?



             Niall's POV


    Control yourself, don't look, don't look, don't look. Damn it smells good. Sorry Kate you won't make it today..

 I tried not to look at her. I could smell the blood. It must taste delicious. Fuck, my fangs are showing. 


  "Niall it's's not bleeding anymore." I heard her say. Yeah, it wasn't bleeding anymore but I could still smell that tempting smell of her blood. I didn't turn to face her nor answering her. I just sat there, silent,  looking at the opposite direction.



                   MY POV


    What the fuck? He wasn't responding. Is he alright? Did he get a heart attack from my papper cut? Weirdo.

  "Niall, I said you can turn now" I said again.

  "Niall, are you okay?!" I said, putting my hand on his back. In flash, he grabbed me and pinned me down so my back was facing the floor. His face was wild and his fangs were huge. What the hell?

    He started lowering his head until his soft lips were inches away from my neck. He was panting. Okay, that's fucking scary. 


   -"N-Niall, what's wrong?" I stammered. I was freaking out, big time.

  -" Sorry" I heard him whisper. It was a very quiet whisper but his face was so near to mine that I could hear everything. And I know that this is awkward but he's so hot when he is panting. I can feel his hot breath on my neck. 


            The was the last thing I remember was a painful bite on the neck and me getting dizzy. Then everything went blank.


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