Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


10. Over Again.




Niall kept glaring at me. He wouldn't take his eyes off. He was really mad.

"Why did you do that?" Is he seriously asking me that kind of question?

"I don't find a reason for not doing that." I started getting angry. I raised my voice a bit.

"There are people who would do anything to be in your place." He hissed back. What the actual fuck?

"Are you kidding me? Who wants to be in that hellhole?" I groaned back. "Who wants to be near someone like you anyway..?" Ouch..that might have hurt a bit. I noticed the expression of his face turning into a sad one.

"I can kill you here and now." He said, taking a step closer. Not again, the same thing.

"Oh really?" I said sarcastically. I don't really know what's happening to me. All of a sudden I'm not afraid to talk to him like that."Why don't you do it?" I said, looking at him in the eyes. Nice eyes Nialler.

Niall stopped walking towards me and looked at me suprised. He didn't say anything. He grabbed a glass which was on the kitchen table and "BAMM" he threw it to the wall. It broke into little pieces. So he was seriously pissed. I just stood there looking at him. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP." He yelled. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO KEEPS ASKING ME THINGS." I yelled back. He, then, walked outside of the house, shoving the door behind him. At least, I'm still alive. No bites! I ran upstairs to "my" room and closed the door behind me. I had made it for now. I was shaking, but after some time I calmed myself down.


It was around 4am and I was still wide awake, lying on the bed sleepless. Where's Niall? He haven't appeared since he left. Is he okay? I heard the door open and someone walked in slowly. Yep, it was the Irish snowflake.

"Are you sleeping?" He whispered. He had calmed down too.

"Yes." I said sarcastically. Kate, shut the fuck up, if you don't want to die.

He walked in the room. I gave him a suspicious look. "What do you want?"

"I'm Niall."He said, sitting next to me on the bed. Okayy..

"Niall, are you okay?" I asked, frowing. He's a weirdo.

"Yes. Shall we star all over again? " He said, his eyes meeting mine. Now I get it.

A small smile appeared on my face. Shit, don't trust him Kate! He's a psycho.

"I'm Kate." I said while giving him a tiny smirk.

"So, Kate...tell me a bit about yourself. Were you a fan?" He asked.

"I still am. Good music is good music!" I smiled. He grinned. "I agree." He laughed.

"What's your favourite song?" He asked.

"Umm.. I don't have one."

"There isn't a song that's stuck in your head right now?"

"Ehh..maybe "A team"?" I said.

"Really?" He asked enthusiastically. "Wait a sec." In flash, he rushed out of the room and came back with his guitar.


I ran to my bedroom to get my guitar. This is gonna be epic.

A huge grin appeared on my face when I returned to Kate's room. I didn't bother myself turning the lights on. The moonlight was enough for me to see her and I liked it that way anyways.

"What are you doing?" She laughed. Hearing her laughing is seriously a big satisfaction.

I sat next to her with my guitar. "Why don't you sing to me something?" I asked her. I couldn't help but having that grin on my face.

"Heyy, that's your job." she said teasingly

"Okay, here's what we're gonna do. You sing first and then it's my turn." I said.

"But, wh-"

"No buts!" I started playing the guitar.

White lips, pale face,
Breathing in snowflakes.
Burnt lungs, sour taste..
Nights gone, days end,
Struggling to pay rent,
Long nights, strange men..

God her voice is perfect! Shut up Nialler.

In the end I couldn't help it but joining her in the chorus. I swear I feel those butterflies in my stomach right now.

"You have a really beautiful voice." I whispered, getting my face closer to I could see her better, not for another reason.

"Thank you." She smiled. Please smile more. 

I grabbed her and kiss her. Okay that was the main purpose of all this. I admit it. She kissed me back. Those butterflies won't leave. The kiss turned into a make out session.Yeah buddy..

We had been making out for about two minutes when my phone rang. I tried to ignore it but it kept ringing. It was Harry. Fuck you Harry.

I broke out from the kiss and picked up my phone. " Harry, what?" I sounded annoyed. Well, obviously.

"Simon called me. He asked to go to his house." He said. VERY NORMAL, at 4am in the morning.

"What? Now?" I pouted.

"Yes, he said it's important and he knows that we have got rid of our sleeping needs so.."

"Duh, I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Niall, are you okay? You don-" I hung up the phone. Well, I was perfect till you called.

"What happened?" Kate asked, frowning.

"Simon told us to go to his house, now." I explained.

"What? At 4am in the morning? Seriously?" She pouted. I smiled. "I'll be here soon." I pecked her lips and she blushed.

"Take that face away from mine." She giggled. I laughed and rushed downstairs. I love that girl.



I'm really hungry. I've drunk like six blood bags and I'm still hungry. And why do we have to go at Simon's? What happened? I can't stand more trouble than we have right now. Okay, it's not like I don't like it, though. I wonder how's Kate now. Hope she's okay and that Niall didn't do anything funny to her.

I arrived at Simon's house. Everyone was already there. Ooops! I'm a little late!

I sat next to Niall. He's smelling different. Nice, but different. His smell is familliar, though. I had leaned towards him without realising it.

"Liam, are you okay?" He asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh, yeah! By the way why are we here?"

"No idea.." He smells like Kate! Her scent is all over him. What has happened between those two. Don't tell me he ate her. Liam, calm down a bit.

"How are you guys?" Simon came in the living room.

"Hey Simon." Zayn smiled. "Why did you gather us here?" Louis asked.

" you know most of the people you talk are are friends with, sooner or later are well known to the fans." We nodded. 

"My niece, Raven, has just started her career as a dancer. You know that the more people you know, the more popular you are so.."

"You want us to hang out with her so that she'll get to know more people and the fans will know about her, right?" I asked. 

"I'm in!" Harry cheered.

"Okay, let me intr-" Simon wasn't able to finish his sentence.

"Simon, where is my suitcase?" I heard a girl pout. She came from upstairs. She was wearing black jeans and red T-shirt. She had long curly brown hair and what's that? Violet eyes? Wow.

"And you are..?" She asked. I gave Simon a confused look. She doesn't know us?

"I'm Louis, Louis Tomlinson." Louis flounced, smiling. What's that look on your face Boobear?

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