Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


8. Night at Niall's.



We arrived at Niall's home. It's such a nice house. It's big and warm at the same time and it smells great, but now it wasn't the right time to describe that.

Niall,Harry,Zayn and Kate were already there. I looked at Niall and he glared at me. Damn, I'm screwed. 

Liam must had noticed me and grabbed my hand for a second. I looked at him and he smiled. Stacy hugged me. She was crying. What had they done to her?

 "Okay, no secrets anymore.." Harry said.

"Yeah, Stacy you can't live alone or with Kate know too much." Zayn said, nodding at Niall."You have to stay with one of us."

"What if I say no?" Stacy talked back. Brave girl.

 "We don't really care about what you say.." Niall said, sitting on the couch. Stacy death-glared him.

"So you can stay at my place." Zayn said, taking a blood bag from Niall's fridge.

"Hey I want that." Niall pouted. Zayn sighed. "You have 10 bloodbags in here and besides I'm really hungry. We are in the same room with two young girls, aren't they tempting?"  He said giving Niall a you-know-what-I-mean look. Niall grinned. "Oh really? Wanna taste?" He said, pointing at Stacy. What is this bastard doing?

Zayn glared. "I don't. That's the reason I'm drinking your bloodbags." He said, a bit angry.

"Arg, you're such a softie Zayn." He said annoyed. And you're an asshole Niall.

"By the way, where's Louis?"He asked again.

"Someone from us had to be at the concert.." Liam said. "Oh.."

"Anyway, Stacy will stay with me. You have lots of visits in your house this period, Zayn." Harry said, grabbing his cars keys. "I'm tired. We are leaving." He said, pulling Stacy out of the house with him. Do vampires get tired?

"I'm leaving too." Zayn murmured. He sounded a bit annoyed. Jealous Zayn?

Liam followed Zayn. "I guess I'll leave too. Get rest." He winked at me.Such an adorable guy. They both left the house and I was alone with Niall. Great. 

Guess I'm staying here..I looked at him, terrified. He looked at me with no expression on his face. Shit, I'm outta here. 

"Em..I'm really tired. I'll go to sleep." I said and started walking away from him. I tried to walk away when I felt someone grabbing my wrist.

"Niall that hurts, let go of me." I said. He was holding my wrist really tight now.

I looked at him with teary eyes. I don't know if I'm gonna make it today. He was glaring at me. I could feel his eyes burning my skin.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

" SORRY MY ASS." He yelled. "It's your fault that Stacy is in trouble now." He continued. He was right. I had managed to forget a bit about that. It was all my fault. If they hurt her, it's really my fault. I started to realise what I had really caused. She might die because of me.. I was already shaking, ready to cry. Damn, he was cleary right.

I stayed still, avoiding eye contact with him. "Will they hurt her?" I whispered again. I couldn't talk louder cause my voice was shaking. I was really afraid to hear the answer..

Which was totally unexpected..

"No." He replied softly. I looked at him, straight in the eyes, trying to figure out if he was lying. He just stood there looking at me with his gorgeous blue eyes. "They won't touch her." Was he trying to joke around? My eyes were hurting. I couldn't hold the tears for long.

"Can you bring me some water?" I said looking at the other side. I didn't want him to see me crying.

"No." Bastard.

"Then I will.." I said, walking towards the kitchen. He grabbed my hand and turned me around so my face was inches away his. I was crying and blushing..Shit! That is freaking embarrassing, I just want to dissappear right now.


He looked me in the eyes and then at my lips. I couldn't move (or breath). "Do you trust me?" He whispered. I, of course, could't answer. That moment, I was crying because I was scared? fangirling? I really didn't know.

"Do you?" He asked again. Damn, that irish boy. He was seriously waiting for an answer. I looked down, as more tears were streaming down my face. Kate, just chill out a bit.

I refused to look at him. I could feel my wrists burning from his grip. "Let me go." That was all I managed to say. "Answer me." His voice has harsh. Was he turning into a vampire again? "Just..please" I said, my voice cracking up.

I looked at him and noticed that he was leaning towards me. What the fuck is happening? What is he trying to do.

His nose was almost touching mine. Is he gonne kiss me for real? I didn't backed off or something. I was curious, I wanted to know what he would do. It was just curiosity. It had nothing to do with the huge crush I had on him. Nope. Not a thing to do with that. All curiosity here.

I watched as he inched towards me. I couldn't help but stare at him as he came closer, to the point where I could feel his breath on my lips. He is really going to do it isn't he!

Though, he held his position there for what felt like infinity. It was almost painful, the anticipation.

For a few moments I felt that maybe he wouldn't do it after all, was he wimping out at the last second? Seriously what was taking him so lon-!

He had interrupted my thoughts by pushing his lips on mine.

I can't describe that fangirlingness of that moment...! At first I was surprised at how warm his lips were.The other thing that surprised me was how gentle he was, he was firm and direct but also gentle at the same time. Turning his head slightly he pushed to deepen the kiss.

Sometime along the way my eyes had slid shut and I accepted the kiss wholeheartedly.

But something switched inside of me when he pushed his lips against mine with more pressure. My hands reacted on their own, finding the back of his head and entwining my fingers in his hair. Then I grabbed a clump of his hair and pulled him towards me with new purpose. i just wanted to be closer to him, be in his arms, he responded by reaching behind my back and pulling me to him with ease.

I have to admit that it was great and even though I was afraid of him since he had bitten me at the Wheel, I couldn't feel anything, but secure in his arms...

He pushed away and looked at me with a guilty look. Oh fuck. What had I just done?

His grip loosened. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. We started at each other for a minute and then he went upstairs. I stayed still for a little. What happened? What am I doing? What's wrong with that bipolar guy? Why did he calm me down so easily? Why do I even trust him? So many things were running in my head. 

Duh, fuck it, I'll go get some sleep.

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