Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


9. Harry.




I woke up. It was 10:00 am. I saw a weird dream! One Direction were vampires and I was in Harry's house 'cause I found out that they were vampires and they didn't want me to tell, I had to live with Harry.

By the way, where am I? I looked around the huge bedroom. NOOO! Don't tell me, it wasn't a dream.

Now I remembered everything.

I looked around the room and found Harry, sittin on the couch infront of my bed, staring at me. Fuck. I don't want to admit it, but I'm shaking right now.

"W-What are you doing here, Harry?" I tried to sound cool.

"Nothing... just watching you sleep.." He replied. What kind of answer is that?

"Oh.." I stood up, heading outside of the room.

"You know, I'm really hungry..." I heard him say. I turned around only to see him behind me.

"Do you want me to make breakfast?" I said, backing off a little.

"No, it's not necessary.." He came closer. His eyes stuck on my neck. Shit, shit, shit.

"Let's go buy something." I fake-cheered. He wanna bite me. Oh, goodbye life.

He came closer. His hands stroked my her, pulling them on one side so that my skin was showing. GREAT.

"You know, you smell pretty good." That would be awesome to hear from Harry Styles..but right now, I'm scared to death. I can feel his breath on my neck and I can't move.

"What are you guys doing?" A familliar voice. THANKS GOD. Zayn was standing there, looking sexy as always.

"Nothing.." Harry said, a little annoyed.

"Niall and Kate are downstairs.It's the interview today, remember?" He said giving us a cold look.

"Kate is downstairs?" I asked hapilly.

"Yeah.." Before he could finish his sentence I rushed downstairs to find Kate watching TV and Niall.. well, he was flirting with her neck. By the way, her bruises had disappeared.Niall hadn't bitten her! But, seriously, he was staring at her the whole time and not only her neck..had she realised?

"Katee!" I cheered. She got up and rushed to hug me. I've really missed that girl. Niall stood up too. I waved him a "hi" and he waved back.

"Are you okay?" I whispered to Kate.  

"Pretty much. I've lots of things to tell ya!" She said quetly. "But he can hear us." She glared at Niall who smirked.

"By they way, you didn't tell me why we're here." Kate turned to face Niall.

"Oh, we have an interview today..and you'll be staying with Harry." He replied, his thick Irish accent was always hot.

"Okay, we are leaving. Where are the lads?" Zayn came down the stairs, giving me a quick glance. He stopped to look himself in the mirror. That guy..

"They are already there." Niall said. "We will be back in an hour or so.." He gave Kate a last glance.

"See ya guys!" Harry yelled from the stairs. Niall and Zayn left the house.

"So, it's just the three of us." Harry said. I felt him gazing at me.

"Can we go anywhere? It's unusally sunny today" Kate grouched.

"Okay, I agree! Starbucks?" Harry suggested. "Why not?" I agreed and grabbed my phone. Kate nodded at me. Got it.



They smell pretty good. I can imagine myself drinking their delicious blood and after that.. getting smacked by Niall and Zayn. Seriously, what's wrong with those guys? When Zayn caught me ready to bite Stacy, he was like he wanted to kill me. Why do they take things so seriously?

We arrived at Starbucks. We sat on a table near the window. Kate looked a bit tired, like she was sleepless.

"Hey, Kate are you alright?" I asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm perfectly fine." I didn't get exactly her attitude. Is she trying to be sarcastic or she's being serious? On the other side Stacy was restive. She is such an energetic person!

"Harry, can I go to the restroom?" Stacy asked, blushing a bit. So THAT'S why she couldn't stand still.

"Yeah!" I smirked. She is so cute sometimes.

I was left alone with Kate. I looked at her and she smiled. I smiled back. "So how is it to leave with Niall?"

She frowned. "Okay, I guess. We don't talk a lot. I spent most of the time in my room anyway..." Liar! There's no way you're telling the truth lady. Niall is always talking about you when he's with us, most like complaining about you, but when we told him to let you live with Liam, he got furious...



What are all these questions for? Harry staph!

I saw the waitress coming to our table, holding our coffees. Here's my chance!

"Here are your coffees." She smiled,handing Harry his coffee. I accidentaly tripped and spilled Harry's coffee all over his clothes.Accidentaly of course! The waitress half-screamed.

"Kate, be more careful, would ya?" Harry said, annoyed.

"Oh my God, Harry! I'm sorry! I'll bring you some napkins and a towel."

"No, it's fi-" Before he could finish his sentence, I rushed to the restroom. Stacy was waiting me there. With a gesture, she showed me the rear exit. I nodded and we exited Starbucks. In a minute, we were running free in London far away from those five guys.


Niall's POV


Duh, this interview lasts forever.. I'm dead bored. We do nothing..she keeps asking us about random things..! I wonder what Kate and the others do right now.. That girl is really weird. I mean she can be a bitch sometimes, but there are times that she's just adorable.

Maybe we should go shopping after the interviw.. Bonding time!

"....Niall?" Oh shit! The interviewer was talking to me!

"Y-Yes?" I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Are you okay sweety?" She smiled. 

 "Niall's in lovee!" Louis teased. I glared at him.

"Really? Who is it Niall? Do we know her?" The interviewer grinned.

"I'm not in love.." I said to her. "Just hungry." I whispered to the boys. They smirked.

"Okayy..! So it was really nice to meet you guys. Hope we will meet again in the future and Harry too!" Finally! Shopping time! Okay, so, I have to make up for all the situation she's in..since it's my fault..we will go to expensive stores and all!

After twenty minutes, I arrived at my house. "Duhh, it's evening already. We don't have enough time for shopping." I sighed.

I opened the door which was unlocked. Are they here? Harry texted me something about going to Starbucks...

Yes, they were here. Kate and Stacy were sitting on the couch while Harry was gazing at them with an angry look.

"Hey.." I sait quietly. Harry gestured me to come to the living room. "What happened? I asked, confused. I looked at Kate who had no intention of answering my question.

"They tried to escape." Harry hissed. 



We have been running for about half an hour. There's no way, he will catch up. 

"S-Stacy, I think we can stop now." I said, between my pants. She nodded and stopped.

"Finally!" She said, happily. It was a bit weird that we were happy because we escaped from One Direction but well..I still remember when Niall bit me.. 

"What are we gonna do now?" I asked her. My feet hurt. I looked at my shoes, wohaa I need new ones by the way. I didn't heard Stacy's response. "Stacy?" I looked at her to find her staring at me in shock. "What's wrong?" I laughed, but she didn't respond.

I turned around to see what she was staring at..and then I realised why she had a shocked expression.. Harry! Damn.

~End Of Flashback~

"What?" I blurted, looking at Kate. She was staring at the floor. Damn that girl..Harry shook his head. 

"Okay, Harry thanks..please leave now." I said, trying to calm down. Harry nodded and grabbed Stacy, pulling her out of the house with him.

"Please don't hurt Kate!" I heard Stacy say. 

I looked at Kate, she was frightened. Well, she had to be...


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