Not Safe.

Kate went to London for summer holidays.There she meets five boys from a specific boyband which she's in love with.That's it.The become friends and everything seems perfect, but in the end she is just glad that she is still alive.
Kinda supernatural. Niall and maybe Harry fanfic.Enjoy.


7. Concert Night.



Duuhh, I have to get readyy! I looked at Kate, she was trying to find what to wear. She wasn't so excited though.

"Can you believe that we are going to a concert with One Direction?" I asked cheerfully.

"Yeah, it's awesome." She said smiling.

"Kate are you okay?" I asked worried.

"Yes, I'm fine! It's that I'm a bit tired from yesterday." She said at me.

Oh come on! She had been sleeping fot twelve hours!

"Kate will you do me a favour?" I asked innoncently. She nodded.

"Will you come with me backstage before the concert starts?" I smilled. I expected a fangirling moment but instead..

"No." WHAT? "We are not going backstage." She said strenly.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"Just no." She said, dead serious.

"Kate please?" I begged. "Do you have any reason for not wanting to go backstage?" I asked with a suspicious look.

She flinched. "Of course not."



"I just don't want to."

"Okay you don't have to come, I'll go alone." I said, a little annoyed.

"No, you can't go alone!" She said.

"Too bad, I will." I tried to hide my smile. That always worked.

Kate finally gave up the arguement. "Okay, we will go backstage."

"Ohh yeah." I hugged her. "Now get ready fast." I said as I grabbed a short purple dress.


Damn, I have a really bad feeling about this...

I got dressed, putting on my black shorts and a dark-red blouse. I should text Liam to tell him that we will go earlier..

I grabbed my phone, satisfied from my wiseful thinking.

"Okay, now send.." I whispered to myself. But then I realised I was out of units.. PERFECT!

"Kate, are you ready?" Stacy cheered.

"Y-Yes.." I said, a bit unwillingly.

I grabbed my jacket and followed her, exiting our room.



After fifteen minutes we arrived at the concert place. We headed backstage. A muscular man stood infront of us.

"Sorry girls, fans are not allowed to go backstage." He said. Thank God! Maybe might live after this night!

"But we are friends of One Direction." Stacy said with a convincing voice.

"Yeah, I've seen them walking together on the streets." An other man said. You son of a bitch.

"Okay, here." He said letting us go past him.

Stacy was fangirling and I was dead nervous.

After searching for about five minutes Stacy found their room. She winked at me.

"Shouldn't we knock the door first?" I said, hoping she will agree.

"Ohh come on Kate. That will not be a suprise." She giggled.

"One..Two..Three.." She said opening the room's door. "Hello gu-" Her speech was interrupted by the shocking scene infront of her.

A young blonde girl was on a table, dead. One Direction and the other band were eating her. Blood was all over their mouths and they looked at us in shock.

I turned to look at Stacy. She was shaking, ready to cry. Niall gave me deadly glare. I had really done it now..

"W-What are you doing here?" Louis trailed off. Of course, neither of us was able to talk. Stacy was standing still, looking around in horror.

"Stacy?" Zayn said really worried. Stacy started running, terrified. She left the room in flash.

I stood there, looking at them. I wasn't exactly shocked. It was more like I had realised that they would surely kill me after this. I looked at Niall. He was furious. Well, he had every right.

"I'll go after her." Harry annonced.

"I'm coming too." Niall followed. He gave me a last I-am-gonna-kill-you look and exited the room.

Damn, they will hurt her and I can't do anything.

I looked at Zayn. Right, he had stayed alone with her for a whole night and they really got allong.. I could trust him..Liam was the same but I just felt like Zayn had to go find her.

"Please.." I begged. He nodded and rushed behind the boys.

I was left alone with Liam and the boys from the other band. I could feel my eyes getting teary. I felt two arms around me, pushing me close to the guy who was hugging me, Liam. "Don't worry.." He whispered against my hair.



I ran with all my heart. I had no idea where I was going...! I couldn't forget the things I saw when I opened that door. What the hell was that? Kate stayed behind? Oh no! Tell me they won't hurt her! But she was really calm though. What the fuck is happening?

My mind was screaming..! Without realising it I had arrived at my hotel. I rushed to the receptionist, who gave me a worried look, took my room key and rushed to my room and locked the door. I still hadn't realised what I had seen there..They were eating a person..

I heard someone knocking the room. "Room service." A man said. "Duhh, Harry that's stupid.." An other man said. Fuck, it was Niall and Harry..

I didn't respond. I tried not to breath so that they wouldn't hear anything..but that was impossible anyway.

"Come on love, we know you are inside." I heard Harry saying.

"Yeah and you know that we can come in whenever we want to..right?" Niall said.

I didn't say anything. Just stood there, not moving, looking at the door. 

"Duhh, we have no other option." Niall said and in an instant they had broken down the door and entered my house. "You forced us." Harry said with a smirk on his face. 

"Stacy are you okay?" I saw a guy coming behind the boys, panting a bit.

"Zayn you didn't really need to come.." Harry said suprised. "Oh.." Was all Zayn replied.

"So what are we gonna do with her?" Niall asked. Heyy, what do they mean? Are they gonna eat me too? And where the fuck is Kate?

 "Where is Kate?" I said, trying to hide that I was fucking scared.

"I don't know..probably with Liam." Harry said like it was the most ordinary thing to say. She was with someone who minutes earlier was eating a human..Great!

"What are you? Cannibals?" I said again, shaking a bit.

"What? Noo!" Niall pouted. "We are vampires.." He said, flashing a vicious grin.

"Are you waiting for me to believe that shit?" I said, a bit angry.

"Believe it or's the truth." Harry said. I looked at Zayn trying to find someone who was telling me the truth, but he nodded. Seriously?

Now that I think about somehow made sense. Kate's wounds were like someone or something had bitten her..! But there's no way!

"Want me to show ya?" Niall said.

"Niall." Zayn said in a very serious tone. He grabbed my phone and jacket. "Guess you are coming with us." 

"What? No." I said. 

"Your friend is with us.." Niall sang.

"Fuck you." I told him with a straight face. He frowned. Wrong move. "Is Kate okay?" I asked. "Depends." He told me back.

"Did she know about all this?" 

"Yes..but it's not her fault for not telling you." Zayn told me. He is the only one from the boys I'm not afraid to be close right now.

"So, are you planning on coming home or you'll sleep here Zayn?" Harry said impatiently.

"Yeah." He said, pointing me the door. "No." I said. Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the room with him. "You don't get it..from now on, you're following orders." He said with a small smirk on his face. I didn't like the sound of that...


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