Living with Cancer (10+)

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is NOT a true story.


Keira is my twin sister. We’ve always been totally inseparable. So inseparable that we can read each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions. If I’m happy or in pain, Keira can feel it. Usually it’s easy to ignore, but when you’re twin has cancer...well, it’s pretty hard to forget about.


3. Who. What. When. Why. How?


"Hey Dad." I say as I walk throuh the door to our flat. I don't really expect a reply but I'm surprised.
"Hey Kai!" I hear from the kitchen.
I gingerly walk in and my jaw drops. Dad is at the table making cookies. Dad NEVER bakes- what's this all about?
"Want one?" Dad asks.
Speechless, i just nod.
"I'm going to my room to do my homework," I mumble.
"Ok, dinner's ready in an hour."
And now he's making dinner. This day is getting stranger by the minute. I'm half expecting to walk into the living-room and see Keira. 
  I might not see Keira when I walk into the living-room but I do see SOMEONE. A woman sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine.


"Who the heck are you?" I gasp. The lady rolled her eyes.

"You know, Kai!" "How do you know my name?"

  "Your Dad hasn't told you?"

"Told me what?"

"Me and your Dad, we met on the internet, we're going out."


So that's why he was making cookies. My eyes stung with tears. "Well, just to tell you, my sister's in hospital with cancer." I say and storm out the room, trying to hold back my tears. When I'm in my room I can cry freely. Actually, it's not just my room, it's mine and Keira's. Seeing Keira's empty bed makes me cry even harder. I curl up on Keira's bed mumbling to her until eventually I fall asleep, still muttering nonsense. 


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