Living with Cancer (10+)

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is NOT a true story.


Keira is my twin sister. We’ve always been totally inseparable. So inseparable that we can read each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions. If I’m happy or in pain, Keira can feel it. Usually it’s easy to ignore, but when you’re twin has cancer...well, it’s pretty hard to forget about.


5. (unfinished)

I'm in the middle of an English lesson and I need to write about the worst day of my life. HOW MANY OF THEM HAVE I HAD? The day Keira found out she had Keira, my first birthday without Keira, the day Keira nearly died, the day Keira got her first round of chemeotherapy, yesterday when I found out about Dad's new girlfriend, who, by the way, is called Sandra. Looking back, most of my worst days concern Keira.


I hate life. Why can some people be rich, yet some are so poor they don't have food. Why should some people be smarter than others? Why should some people have cancer and others not?
I bend my head over my work so Mrs. Smith, our English teacher won't see, but she gently lays a hand on my shoulder.


"I know Kai."
She doesn't.


She can't.
She won't.
I mumble something and nod. She stands up, sighs, but then walks away. Good. Now I can cry freely.

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