Living with Cancer (10+)

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is NOT a true story.


Keira is my twin sister. We’ve always been totally inseparable. So inseparable that we can read each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions. If I’m happy or in pain, Keira can feel it. Usually it’s easy to ignore, but when you’re twin has cancer...well, it’s pretty hard to forget about.


4. The Same Reaction...


"Hi Keira." I say, walking into her room at the hospital.
She smiles at me weakly. "Hello Kai. How's things?"
"Not good. Dad's got this new girlfriend, he met her on the internet, I didn't know anything about it!"
Keira splutters. "WHAT?"
"My reaction exactly." I say.
"Does she know.....know......about me?"
"I.....I took care of that."
"Oh." Keira screws up her face.
"Sorry Keira. Are you crying?"
"I'm mostly LAUGHING at how Dad could be so stupid!"

"I'm glad you're feeling better Keira." I beam.

"Yes." she says, "But, I don't think I'm getting much better."

"You've had your cancer for six months. Last week you were just feeling down. Trust me. The docters say you're progressing in leaps and bounds."

She smiles, "I so so so so so so so so so hope so."

Keira says, and she gives me her first proper smile since she was diagnosed.    I wake up. It was just a dream. I'm crying again. Keira, I don't think she's ever going to get better. I cry even harder. 


People in movies always act like life is brilliant, but I know otherwise. Life ISN'T great. Not when your mum is gone, you dad's got a girlfriend and your sister's got cancer.



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