Living with Cancer (10+)

Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is NOT a true story.


Keira is my twin sister. We’ve always been totally inseparable. So inseparable that we can read each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions. If I’m happy or in pain, Keira can feel it. Usually it’s easy to ignore, but when you’re twin has cancer...well, it’s pretty hard to forget about.


1. Cross my heart and hope to die...


 We go to Columba School for Girls. Well, I go now. Keira is too ill to go. I’m only allowed to see her at the weekend. Mum and Dad divorced six years ago, when we were four, and we haven’t seen Mum since. Meanwhile, Dad suffers from depression, so I have to go and visit Keira myself. I don’t mind, I actually prefer it that way and I think Keira does too. She doesn’t say much when I go to see her but I know she’s listening. 


  All the time I get great stabs of pain that run through my whole body. At school, home, anywhere. Most often I start crying. Dad’s used to me crying a lot, he does it too, and the school knows, of course. The pain is always worse when I am with Keira but I try not to let it show. All her lovely long, raven - black hair has fallen out because of the chemotherapy and I am saving up so I can got the hairdresser’s, get it neatly plaited and then chop it all off so  I can give it to Keira. We are identical after all.


    I went to visit her today and I told her I was going to get all my hair cut off to give it to her. “Don’t bother Kai,” she said, clasping my hand. “Why not?” I asked her. “Because,” she croaked, her voice catching, “Kai, I think I’m dying.” I dropped her hand like it was red hot. “You can’t be!” I gasped, “Keira, you can’t. What would I do?” Keira’s face crumpled. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed, “I don’t want to!” I found her hand under the bed clothes. “We’re both being ridiculous, Keira. You aren’t going to die. The doctors are helping you get better, aren’t they?” “I don’t know Kai. They’re trying, but it might not save me.”


    A nurse popped her head round the door. “Visiting time is over, pet,” She said to me, “You’ll have to leave.” I nodded and gently tucked Keira in, before giving her hot forehead a kiss. “Don’t worry,” I whispered into the soft swirls of her ear. Keira might not be worrying but I am.


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