every bad boy falls in love

A\N hey this is my first movella i really hope u enjoy it please no hate.

every bad boy falls in love chapter 1


6. saturday :)

jades p.o.v

i woke up with the worst head ach ever and it hurt so much so i ran downstairs and got some medicane for it

clearly i was a bit drunk last night whoops.

i checked my phone and i had a text from an unknown number and it said hey its liam u gave me your number last night x  i smiled at the text like a idiot then repleid back just saying hey do ya fancy doing anything today if u havent got any thing on. x

i jumped into the shower and grabbed some breakfast then checked my phone again it was from liam and it said no i havent got anyhting on what do ya fancy doing x     i replied with i dont mind you choose. x

 he instantlly text back saying starbucks then the hudge field down the road for a bit x i replied with yeah sounds great see ya at about 11 x

11 o clock came and i was waiting for liam in starbucks i saw him enter like a famouse guy then he saw me and waved then he went to order some drinks and that for us after we waited for about 20 mins we finally headed out to the park and we chatted loads and loads and we realised it  was about 7 and the sun was starting to set we both said our good byes as we both left and hugged as i arrived home i saw my brother playing fifa with ellas brother they were best mates my brother was called jacob and ellas brother was called harry . they were best friends since they were about five and that is how me and ella know eachother baisiclly.

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