every bad boy falls in love

A\N hey this is my first movella i really hope u enjoy it please no hate.

every bad boy falls in love chapter 1


5. party part 2

ellas p.o.v

as we waited for james and michelle to finish with their kissing i couldnt help but to notic that maci was flirting with louis

every girl in the school hated her because she steels peoples boyfriends and she is little miss perfect but all of the guys seem to apsalutlly adore her for some reason . anyway as she was sat thier flirting with him and i got jelouse jade looked at me and then put her head down because she could tell i was mad.

but to my surprise i noticed that maci had left so it made me feel a little bit happier inside. 

jades p.o.v

i was sat their as maci walked of but as she did she mumbled something under her breath to me and ella and belive me i would of slapped her straight across that silly little face of hers but liam was putting me of.

as earlier today me and liam got on quite well so i decided to go and chat to him i walked over and said hey he looked up and said hey back and we chatted for a bit untill michelle and james finally came out.

james spun the bottle again and to my surprise it landed straight on me and ........ liam that was a shock the only thing i felt was joy and happines running though my body so he stood up grabed my hand and we went straight to the wardrome at first it was quite awkward but he looked up at me and said do you wanna do this i looked at him and said yes before even actually thinking. witch was abit of an idit thing to do but i slapped out of my thoughts as i could feel liams soft lips against mine i could feel butiflies going crazy in my stomac i felt so nice.

ellas p.o.v

as the bottle landed on jade and liam i was shocked as he stood up and grabbed her hand but they have been in their for a bout ten minuites.

oh look here they are i was so happy for her she come out with the biggest smile on her face thatt i have ever seen.

the party was about to end but me and louis got to know eachother witch was amazayn i loved everything abot him and we had so much in common witch i liked and then me and jade finally headed home.

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