every bad boy falls in love

A\N hey this is my first movella i really hope u enjoy it please no hate.

every bad boy falls in love chapter 1


4. party part 1

ellas p.o.v.

after i gave my brother a quick cuddle i ran upstairs to take a shower as i reched the top of the stairs i turnrd the shower on waiting for it to turn hot and then i stepped into it and had a quick wash i was in their for atleast 20 mins witch ment an hour to get changed and do my hair and make up i ran out to my walk in wardrobe and grabbed a nice short sequin dress i only brought it a few days back so its the first time i had whore it after i slipped my dress on i ran straight to my hair straightners and turned them on as they were heating i done my makeup a lite skin tone and then straightend my hair and i was just waiting for to be picked up by jade.

jades p.o.v

ella had just text me saying that she was nearly done so i grabbed my car keys and ran straight for the door in my dress and hells i was wearing a black and white short tight dress in red heels as i arived at ellas i beeped a few time to give her the signal to tell her that i was here she came trotting out of the door and looked stunning we were just saying that we hope that louis and liam arrived at the party.

as we arrived it was in full swing so we walked straight in most of our friends were their so we hanged around and chatted for a bit.

the music was really loud and i could just here someone shout seven minuites in hevan so me and ella ran straight to the room were they were and the first we spotted were liam and louis so  i whisperd to ella fingers crossed and she just laughed as we look a seat on the ground.

ellas p.o.v

as we sat down james shouted ready go as he span the bottle it landed on james and michelle and of they were to the closset for seven minuites.


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