every bad boy falls in love

A\N hey this is my first movella i really hope u enjoy it please no hate.

every bad boy falls in love chapter 1


1. back to school

ellas p.o.v

hey my name is ella and its our first day back to school im in year 11 and studying hard for good grades,

*BEEP BEEP* i just got a text from my bff jade that says "hey on my way now be about 20 mins tops xx"

i smiled and quickly got up and ran to get my clothes from my walk in wardrobe onced i was dressed i ran down stairs with 2 minuites to spare so i decided to make some toast as i poped jade was beeping from outside waiting for me to get in. as i hoped out of my house and ran to the car it took at least 5 minuites for us to arrive once we arrived we met up with our other friends called emily and marimar as we met up we noticed jade staring at something and we sudenlly realised she was staring and some new boys all five of them came out of their farrari and walked to the school i had my eye on one inparticular he was wearing a strippy t-shirt and red jeans and he looked hot after jade and emily turned back around and they both said at the same time they were hot with a capital H marimar just lauged when the bell went we all headed straight to our next class i realised i was in the same class as that hottie from earlier YES.

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