Fame takes over

16 year old Peony Lives a life of sorrow. Her mum disappeared when she was younger and her dad is a drunk. Music helps her to escape her dad's drunken rages.

She has never seen love before so has no idea what to do when she meets glorious Harry who is an ambitious musician seeking a job by playing his guitar.

Peony work hard to help get
Harry to his dream. But whats happens when fame takes over?


3. Music to my ears

This year Mr Yale was teaching me Music. I liked him as he was a kind man with a talent for teaching what he loved. I sat down in my assigned seat, which was at the back. I started to get all my books out when I heard a deep voice say"Peony White?" I looked up to see the new boy sitting down in the seat next to me. 

"Yeah" I replied confidently 

"Well hello Peony White, I'm Harry Styles" He smiled and held out his hand for me to shake. I took his hand and shook it gently. "Hello Harry " I mumbled as I stared into his green eyes. We stayed like that for a while. Staring into one another eyes our hands still together. "The person your sitting next to now will be your partner for the next year or until I say otherwise" Mr Yale said. The moment stopped.


"Today you will compose a piece of music that is 1 minute long" Mr Yale continued  "You will do this with your pairs". 


"So partner, What is your instrument?" Harry asked 

"acoustic guitar and piano" I said proudly "What about you?

"vocals and acoustic guitar" He smiled "How about I play guitar and sing while you play the piano and sing?" 

"Good piano is my better instrument" I smiled back " But I can't sing.." I admitted. Harry frowned

"Can't or won't?" He asked intrigued. 

"Won't" I whispered. 

"Why?" He asked. I shook my head sadly. Pushing back the tears that threatened to spill. Singing brought me back the times when my mother sang me to sleep. "It brings back to many memories" Was my final answer. Thankfully he left it at that.


It turns out that Harry is very good at singing and playing the guitar. We started to put ideas together and wrote down the main chords and lyrics. When we finally finished we had a quarter of an hour to practice our piece before we had to show it to the class.  "How long have you been playing?" Harry asked as he strummed random notes on his guitar.

"Since I was 4 or 5" I admitted "My mum taught me"

"She must be quite a good pianist to teach a 4 year old to play like that" he chuckled

"Yes she was" I said quietly 

"Was?" Harry asked "You mean your mum is dead?"

"I don't know" I admitted. Harry gave a confused look but didn't press me for any answers. Thank God.


"Bradley and Peony, your up first" Mr Yale called into the practice room.

"Great" I sighed. Going first meant everyone had their full attention on you, and attention is something I try really hard to avoid. 

Me and Harry walked to the front of the classroom. I sat down and the piano hovering my fingertips over the keys as Harry placed the guitar strap over his head and onto his shoulders. "Go when your're ready" Mr Yale said. I nodded at Brad to signal the start. He nodded back. So we began.


We finished. Got our round of applause and returned to our seats. "That was amazing" Mr Yale gawked. 

"Thank you" We replied in union. I guess we made a pretty good team.

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