Fame takes over

16 year old Peony Lives a life of sorrow. Her mum disappeared when she was younger and her dad is a drunk. Music helps her to escape her dad's drunken rages.

She has never seen love before so has no idea what to do when she meets glorious Harry who is an ambitious musician seeking a job by playing his guitar.

Peony work hard to help get
Harry to his dream. But whats happens when fame takes over?


2. Meeting Music

School. Ha. More like a prison. Waking up to it every day at 6:00am, oh the joy. Especially as it has the added bonus of grumpy teenagers, druggies and the people who look down on you.I prefer to keep away from those kind of people as they are just loud or arrogant or both. I'm friends with a small group of four crazy people Lydia, Kim  and Ella. My three best friends since primary school.

"Hey Peony" Lydia slipped onto the seat beside me in our tutor room "How was your summer?" she asked happily

"Fine" I lied. The most annoying things about having friends you've know for ages is that they know the truth from a lie. "Oh really? Bullshit" She gave me a questioning look and gestured for me to answer her annoying question. 

"It was quite a boring summer" I smiled sadly "Dad was ill for most of it"

"Is he drinking again?" She gave me a sympathetic look 

"When isn't he drinking?" I whispered.My dad's a alcoholic, he has been ever since my mum disappeared into thin air. My Dad doesn't work due to his drinking problems so I have provide for the two of us. "You need to get him help" Lydia admitted. I shook my head. If I got him help we would be watched over ever second of the day by social services and then neighbours and  friends would start asking questions like "why did he start drinking?" or "Where's your mother?". I just couldn't admit the truth to people. 


"Quieten down class" Miss Thompson said as she walked through the door "Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a lovely Summer holiday" The class replied with the odd grunt -due to their early morning rise, they were extra grumpy.


We were half way through the register when there was a knock on the door "Hello Miss Thompson, this is your new student Harry Styles" The receptionist said as a  boy walked into our classroom. The class went silent to study the new boy. He had brown curly hair and stunningly green eyes. "Hello Harry welcome to the school" Miss Thompson smiled, then carried on with the register. 


I got my timetable and headed off to my first lesson double Music, Oh yes. I love music, I have ever since I was very little and my mum would play the piano in our living room . She taught me how to play the piano when I got a bit older, we used to have days when all we would do is sing whilst playing a duet on the piano. Those were fun days, the days before mum vanished, before dad started to drink, before I had to suddenly be the grown up and earn a living. But those days are gone now. Just like Mum



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