Why can't I be normal? I want to have friends. Hang out with normal people. Hello my name is Lydia in 17 and i'm a vampire.


1. Time to hunt

I got to school in my car on a rainy day, and realized I had forgot to hunt last night before dusk.  Now it was dawn and I knew it was time to hunt.  My throat had a burning sensation,  "If I don't hunt soon im going to flip out on the closest person."  I got out of the car and made sure no one was looking, then when I was sure no one was, I ran , not like a normal person running but a vampire running.  I went to the city and grabbed a girl with brown hair and green eyes and dragged her into the forest when no one was looking.  I set her down on the forest floor and made sure she didn't see me then I drank, I drank until she stopped moving.  Then I wiped my mouth clean from the blood and said, "I'm sorry you just smelled so good."  To the corpse.  Then I took her and buried her where I was sure no one would find her, in the cemetery in a fake grave site that my dad put there.  It was fake so I could put my hunger victims in it.  It was about 10 times deeper then a normal grave so I could fit more corpses in it then a normal grave.  "I've got to stop hunting people and start hunting animals, but humans taste so much better!"  I said to myself, by now the burning sensation was gone and it was replaced by a full stomach.  But not for long....

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