Why can't I be normal? I want to have friends. Hang out with normal people. Hello my name is Lydia in 17 and i'm a vampire.


3. My new friend

I sat down in the middle of the class, and he sat next to me.  "Hi."  I said to him, "Hi."  He said back.  "My name is Lydia, what's yours?"  I feel so stupid talking to him first, instead of letting him talk to me first.  "Xavier."  He replied almost in a hushed voice. "I like that name."  What am I thinking?  I must sound like a total creep! I thought to myself.  "Thanks, I really like the name Lydia, it just sounds so.. beautiful yet mysterious."  I blushed,  "Kinda like you."  Oh my GOD!!! did he really just call me beautiful?  I blushed even more, and he gave me a crooked smile, and giggled a little.  "Hey, uh wanna sit with me at lunch?"  He asked.  "I'd like that."  I replied, I can't believe it, my first day of school and I already made a friend, like a real human!

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