Why can't I be normal? I want to have friends. Hang out with normal people. Hello my name is Lydia in 17 and i'm a vampire.


4. Just an ordinary day...

I guess it turns out that Xavier is in all of my classes with me. And he sat next to me in every single one. We didn't talk we only listened to the teachers, but I saw him stare at me a couple times thankfully he didn't see me look at him. He is beyond handsome, perfect brown curly hair, perfect ocean blue eyes, an amazing.. well face. I couldn't wait until lunch. Finally the lunch bell rang, I left my class and headed to my locker to put my books away, when I closed it there he was. Leaned up against the locker next to mine. "We still on for lunch?" He questioned. "Of course!" I said a little too enthusiastically. "Great, hey want me to show you the cafeteria?" "That would be great. " I said with a smile. "You have beautiful eyes Lydia." I blushed. "Thanks, yours are too."

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