Why can't I be normal? I want to have friends. Hang out with normal people. Hello my name is Lydia in 17 and i'm a vampire.


2. First day of school

After burying her in the grave I ran back to school just in time for the first bell of the first day of my new school, or just the first day of school for everybody.  James Grover High School is the name of my new school, i'm a senior for the 13th time in my lifetime, yes I am a young vampire because my dad is 256 years old and im 30.  I walked into the double doors of James Grover High School for the first time in my life, with much more to come.  I had my bag slouched over my shoulder as I searched for my locker, 173 to be exact.  I finally found it and it was close to my first class too!  "Lucky me."  I said sarcastically,  I noticed that there was a very attractive boy who had a locker next to mine he was tall, and had dark brown hair, with blue eyes, he had a very nice face.  I know that sounds awkward, but he had a very nice face.  He then looked at me so I turned away and looked into my locker, gross it smelled like feet.  It smelled so bad that I gagged.  Then the bell rang "Thank the lord!" I thought to myself.  Now I was off to Math class but with my luck he followed into the same classroom, looks like he's in my class.  "Great!" I thought in a bad way and in a good way.

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