*Paused* The Master of Death: Faith (Book one)

In this first book of the soon to be (hopefully) series of three, you follow the adventure of three friends' fight for survival as they discover what happened to their three fellow students who were murdered in a space of one week. The dead include Matt Hardell, Summer Thompson and Faith Dowery. And the alive, Shane Ford, Chloe Grace and Leo McAlister, all students of Fate High. Their enemy? A master of fear and darkness... A 'face' you'll never forget.


1. My late friends


 I stumble through the eerie forest, the recent events swamping my delicate mind, flushing out my sense. The most gruesome being my best friend laying on the stone-cold floor as the life bled out of her, matting her golden locks with blood. Hot tears stream down my face as her agonising scream bounces around my head. Summer Thompson is no more.


This is the second killing this week, I think as I dodge the branches of a small pine tree. They reach out thick tendrils to snatch me up.


The first killing was a local boy called Matt Hardell, who was a very mysterious figure. He kept to himself and ignored others when they approached him to talk. So, after 3 days he had been forgotten, kind of like melting into the crowd of a big football game. Everyone had overlooked the fact the he existed, until that fateful day...


I shook my head to clear the dreadful memory away. I knew Matt's face, as he died, would haunt me for the rest of my days, however long they may be... I think of how I was too late for Summer as well...


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